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Feb. 12th, 2015 11:15 pm
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Organisation note: Somewhere in the process of importing to DW, some of the below links have broken. Also (and mostly) I am REALLY BAD at keeping this post updated. And not all my fics have even been posted to my journal lately. So, reliable places to find each fandom I have written in:

Star Wars (TFA): AO3 tag
October Daye: AO3 tag
White Collar: AO3 tag or this DW tag (less complete list than AO3)
Criminal Minds: FFN or AO3 tag
Stargate Atlantis: this DW tag, or the links below may actually be the most reliable source
Sherlock: this DW tag
CSI: New York: FFN (but a way older account than the CM one!)

I've also written one or two fics in Shadows of the Apt, Vorkosigan, MCU, Star Trek: Voyager, Warehouse 13, Welcome to Night Vale and possibly a couple others that I've forgotten. They're somewhere in my general AO3 pile too.

The series landing page for Free of Surface Ties, the Fallen London/White Collar fusion AU which I've been writing with [personal profile] sholio is here on Dreamwidth or here on AO3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White Collar )

Criminal Minds )

Sherlock (BBC) )

Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Stargate Atlantis )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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My reading challenge: 80 books

Goal: Read as many books as I can from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, including rereads. My Goodreads profile is here. I'm bad about writing reviews, but sometimes I remember to. (Sadly, it's usually for books I didn't like, but I'm trying to improve!)

Books read so far: 51
New: 39
Rereads: 12

Books read:

RR = re-read
+ = extra good
- = extra bad

1. Lock In, John Scalzi (Jan 3)
2. The Girl of Ink and Stars, Kiran Millwood Hargrave (Jan 7) +
3. Something Happened Here, But We’re Not Quite Sure What It Was, Paul McAuley (Jan 7)
4. The Air War, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Jan 13) RR
5. War Master's Gate, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Jan 20) RR
6. Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon (Jan 22)
7. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler (Jan 25)
8. All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders (Jan 28)

9. Ninefox Gambit, Yoon Ha Lee (Feb 4) RR
10. The Cloud Hunters, Alex Shearer (Feb 4) +
11. On the Edge of Gone, Corrine Duvvis (Feb 5) +
12. Penric's Demon, Lois McMaster Bujold (Feb 11) RR
13. Penric and the Shaman, Lois McMaster Bujold (Feb 12) RR
14. Penric's Mission, Lois McMaster Bujold (Feb 12) RR
15. The Curse of Chalion, Lois McMaster Bujold (Feb 13) RR
16. The Star-Touched Queen, Roshani Chokshi (Feb 17)
17. Guns of the Dawn, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Feb 18) RR
18. A Conjuring of Light, V.E. Schwabe (Feb 26) +

19. Mira's Last Dance, Lois McMaster Bujold (Mar 3)
20. Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day, Seanan McGuire (Mar 7)
21. A Mortal Song, Megan Crewe (Mar 10) +
22. The Bear and the Serpent, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Mar 17) +
23. The Killing Moon, N.K. Jemisin (Mar 21)

24. A Closed and Common Orbit, Becky Chambers (Apr 8) +
25. Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo (Apr 14)
26. Crossroads of Canopy, Thoraiya Dyer (Apr 17) +
27. Cloudbound, Fran Wilde (Apr 26) +

28. The Unbroken Line of the Moon, Johanne Hildebrandt (May 1) -
29. Deerskin, Robin McKinley (May 3) +
30. More Than This, Patrick Ness (May 6) +
31. The Hero and the Crown, Robin McKinley (May 7) -
32. A Tyranny of Queens, Foz Meadows (May 8) +
33. Within the Sanctuary of Wings, Marie Brennan (May 10) +
34. Binti: Home, Nnedi Okorafor (May 17)
35. Komarr, Lois McMaster Bujold (May 29) RR
36. Barrayar, Lois McMaster Bujold (May 31) RR

37. Too Like the Lightning, Ada Palmer (Jun 11) +
38. The Tomato Thief, Ursula Vernon (Jun 20) +
39. Summer in Orcus, T. Kingfisher (Jun 25) +
40. Embassytown, China Mieville (Jun 30) RR

41. The City & The City, China Mieville (Jul 2) RR
42. The Seventh Bride, T. Kingfisher (Jul 3)
43. The Cloud Roads, Martha Wells (Jul 7) +
44. Seven Surrenders, Ada Palmer (Jul 9)
45. The Serpent Sea, Martha Wells (Jul 10) +
46. The Siren Depths, Martha Wells (Jul 12) +
47. Stories of the Raksura, Vol I, Martha Wells (Jul 15) +
48. Stories of the Raksura, Vol II, Martha Wells (Jul 15) +
49. The Edge of Worlds, Martha Wells (Jul 22) +
50. The Harbours of the Sun, Martha Wells (Jul 24) +
51. The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas (Jul 25) +
52. Once Broken Faith, Seanan McGuire (Jul 28) RR

53. Moomins and the Great Flood, Tove Jansson (Aug 4) +
54. Comet in Moominland, Tove Jansson (Aug 4) +
55. Moominsummer Madness, Tove Jansson (Aug 5) +
56. Moominpapa at Sea, Tove Jansson (Aug 6) +
57. Moominvalley in November, Tove Jansson (Aug 7) +
58. The Stone Sky, N.K. Jemison (Aug 16) +
59. Penric's Fox, Lois McMaster Bujold (Aug 22) +
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I went and signed up for the Wolf 359 Big Bang. Also for Small Fandom Big Bang, with Wolf 359. They're due sequentially, so this should be fine in terms of writing time.

Although, now the art claiming post for W359 has been up for most of today and mine is one of only a handful left that hasn't been chosen. I NEED TO STOP LOOKING AT THIS AND STRESSING OUT.

(Yes gen lady-centric hurt/comfort is quite niche, this is not really a surprise, I have been extremely spoiled by SGA and White Collar fandoms.)

(If I want a readership I should be writing back-on-Earth AUs or Kepcobi. I only have myself to blame *gg*)
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I got a new [community profile] hc_bingo card!

secret allies
sensory deprivation
robots / androids / AIs
restrained poisoning
experiments by evil scientists
unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
arena bites betrayal
head trauma dystopia WILD CARD
corporal punishment strapped to a moving vehicle
forced to rely on enemy / rival
hypoglycemia / low blood sugar
falling culture shock bullet wounds
cages abandonment issues major illness or injury resurrection imprisonment


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...I have literally just realised the two sentences in my icon are the wrong way round. It will now really annoy me until I'm motivated enough to remake it, because I don't think I saved a draft copy. (If you are reading this in the future where it in fact starts with "I'm the commander" then please ignore this.)

Anyway! Episode 54 of Wolf 359, was, as promised, A Lot, and I wrote a ridiculously ott-angsty missing scene on the bus because MINKOWSKI AAAAAAAAGH!

Under Control, 500 words. SPOILERS. On the Hephaestus, everything is completely fine.

(I think I'm going to stop posting fic on DW again because I don't think anyone reads it here. Straight to AO3 seems to be the way to go these days.)

Then I realised that it fills the "slaves" square for my hc_bingo card, and therefore I have completed a bingo line! The first time ever I have done so in the actual challenge period rather than scraping in under amnesty.

I will be back before too long with a new bingo card!

ETA: Loooook I got a shiny (and very thematically apt) graphic! :DDDD

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A revelation! I can use art as hc_bingo square fills!

So this is for the "rejection" square on my card.

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Title: Entropy (Wolf 359)
Word count: 900 words
Characters: Renée Minkowski, Doug Eiffel
Pairing: Gen
Content/Tags: Major character death. Spoilers for all of s2. Fills my "mercy killing" square for hc_bingo.
AO3 link

Summary: A canon-divergent AU from after episode 15. Hilbert's dead. This is... not good.

Read more... )
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Title: Just Breathe (Wolf 359)
Word count: 1700 words
Characters: Renée Minkowski, Isobel Lovelace, Hera
Pairing: Gen-ish, also M/L-ish. However you want to read it I guess.
Content/Tags:Set during early season 4. Friendship, hugs, panic attacks. Fills the "hostile climate" square for hc_bingo.
AO3 link

Summary: Minkowski may have nearly died horribly, but the important thing is that she didn’t. So it’s all behind her now. No underlying trauma. Really.

Read more... )
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I have been taught how to use watercolours to make space backgrounds! (Unfortunately I do not have a scanner, only a phone camera.)

Naturally, I have been using this power to make Wolf 359 fanart. So, the USS Hephaestus Station:

And two quotes from Hera (the AI):

Read more... )
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Title: Anchors (Wolf 359)
Word count: 2350 words
Characters: Renée Minkowski, Isobel Lovelace, Hera, Doug Eiffel
Pairing: Gen
Content/Tags:Set during early season 4. Friendship, hurt/comfort, head injury, fluff. Fills the "hiding an injury/illness" square for hc_bingo.
AO3 link

Summary: Another day, another Hephaestus malfunction making Minkowski's life miserable. She's definitely fine, though.
Plus, broken comm units, a new reason to miss gravity, Edward Cullen duties, and the who-should-be-yelled-at game.

Read more... )
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Yeah, you're all sick of me now. I know.

Grab, share, whatever :)


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Lots of lovely fics! I signed up as a late-stage pinch-hit, feel free to guess mine.


The Tragedye of Hanevis and Beltanthiar and After, The Goblin Emperor
(Art) The Cetho Dachen Opera presents...

Just This Side of Sanity, White Collar, Diana/Christie
Being married to Diana means dealing with Diana's weird friends. Christie is mostly okay with this. Mostly.

son of kings, daughter of tisrocs, Chronicles of Narnia, Aravis/Cor
Aravis has renounced all else, but she cannot renounce the blood running in her veins. She is born out of the line of Tisrocs and Tarkaans, blood of Calormene rulers who have laid siege to Archenland by means both foul and fair through the ages, and she may not lay claim to Archenland’s heir.

About Damn Time, Stargate Atlantis, OT4
Sheppard never would have thought he would be the one left out of team orgies.

Oblivious, Agent Carter, Jack/Daniel/Peggy
It wasn't matchmaking. He wouldn't be caught dead matchmaking. It was just that having those two idiots giving each other cow-eyed looks across the bullpen was bad for morale. Particularly for his morale. (In which Jack wishes Peggy and Daniel would catch a clue about their mutual pining, while obliviously pining for all he's worth.)

Time And Again, Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings, Susan/Boromir
The Pevensie Children are in their fourth year of ruling as kings and queens of Narnia the first time that they find the strange boy wandering the battlements of Cair Paravel.

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace, MCU/DCU, Wonder Woman/Winter Soldier
Her first sight of Bucky Barnes is over the barrel of a sniper rifle in the hills to the west of Wroclaw, deep in German-occupied territory. He is young and martial then, frowning slightly as he watches the prison camp in the snowy valley below through the scope of his rifle. Some seventy years later, Diana’s first sight of the Winter Soldier is sitting on a seat of carved stone in a tropical garden in Wakanda, leaning back so the hot sun falls across his body, the rough arm prosthetic a jarring sight in the fluid greenery of the garden.
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This is a post for squeeing about Wolf 359! If you have not listened to the show check out my rec post for more. But since I have apparently convinced a few people to give the show a chance, and since I have more friends already listening than I realised, I thought it would be fun to have a post to chat about it!

Please feel free to link this around, I want to find more W359 friends too!

Main rule: use the comment title to say up to what ep you're talking about. I am very spoiler-phobic and would like to help other people stay unspoiled to the extent that is possible. And in a thread talking up to a specific episode, don't talk about episodes past that point. Make a new thread.

I will try to link the threads from with their comment titles in the main body of the post so you can click and avoid seeing other comments:
General season 1 talk (eps 1 - 13)
General season 2 talk (eps 14 - 28)
General season 3 talk (eps 29 - 46)
General season 4 talk (eps 47 - current)

Also I may as well use this to promote my fic, and please do likewise for your own fic/art/icons! I have written so far a 2.5k Minkowski h/c fic, set in s4 status quo: Anchors
and a tumblr prompt snippet set in same timeframe: talent night
(Btw I'm still accepting W359 fic prompts generally. I need to keep writing!)

Come and squee! Please!
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Hello! I've done lots of fun things recently, like celebrate our first wedding anniversary, go on holiday to Finland and experience (and accidentally staff at) Worldcon in Helsinki, but I am writing this post to let you all know about the most important thing that has been in my life this month.

It is the podcast Wolf 359. It is my new fannish shiny and it has completely taken over my brain. It is also a really tiny fandom, and I am at the stage of all-out begging my friends to listen too.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (and feel free to link this post around!)

That said, the early episodes are a little shaky in the way of new productions -- it takes a while for them to find their feet and the story they want to tell. If you want a skip list, listen to ep 2 and then ep 8 onwards. Ep 12-13 (two-parter) is where it REALLY takes off. These early ones are all about 15-20 minutes each.

Anyway, that's enough prelude! So, basic premise and characters:

Setting: Wolf 359 is a red dwarf star. Around it is orbiting a slightly clanky space station, the USS Hephaestus. On board is our crew, who have at the start of the show been up there for just under 500 days so far on a scientific research mission which has produced basically no results, at the behest of a corporation called Goddard Futuristics, which in the AU of the show was apparently born from the fusion of Boering and Apple. Everyone is fed up and random weird shit keeps happening. THEN PLOT STARTS.

Doug Eiffel: He is the communications officer. By now he would much rather be back on Earth. He's the POV character, and it took me a little while to warm up to him (I am primed to find comic relief dudes not interesting) but now he is lovely. If you like loyalty kink then stick around.

Lieutenant Commander Minkowski: She is in charge. Kind of out of her depth. She is very much THE RULES WILL SAVE US ALL except when rules are actually stacked against her and lead to heartbreaking angst instead. She is also I WILL PROTECT MY CREW AT ALL COSTS. She works so hard and tries so hard and is so idealistic and finds it really hard to be flexible and I love her inordinately is what I'm saying.

Doctor Hilbert: Incredibly morally ambiguous older scientist. He is very plot-relevant but not so much part of the team team. (He is also played by the same voice actor as Eiffel, so this isn't short-changing him.)

Hera: She is the AI who runs the station. She is... not great at some things but she tries very hard. She also is a massive enabler of bad ideas (and good ones!). She develops fabulous relationships with Eiffel and Minkowski. The show goes really deep into AI and personhood and disability stuff with her, it's wonderful (and more than a little heartbreaking).

Additional characters joining the cast later are [spoilers] but include another really badass lady and there is lots of her and Minkowski being badass and competent with and at each other.

Other things which the show features:
* Amazing competent military ladies in space
* Lots of early mysterious plot threads which actually become coherently woven into each other and answered
* Loyalty kink EVERYWHERE
* Really compelling and emotional storytelling
* Ethical quandaries and fallout
* Ridiculous space science
* Really lovely and subtle examination of AI
* Loads of character and relationship (gen) development
* It's really funny! (when not stomping on your feels!)

So... maybe give it a try? ALSO as a taster I offer a clip from a live show they did. This link should set to start at 05:33, which skips the intro (with spoilers) and goes into character interaction. If you watch for a little bit you might get an idea of whether you might enjoy it. (As long as you stop before or at the 30 min mark you will again avoid too many spoilers.)
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I am supposed to be asleep, but instead Ellie and I have been accidentally planning out a future-fic sequel to Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch children's book series where Mildred and Maud are grown up and married. It's called The Worst Wife. They have a very loving and happy and catastrophe-filled marriage and are so cute at each other that their friends are all sickened, while being occasionally guilt-stricken and sure that they are The Worst.

Highlights include:

- They invite literally everyone from school to their wedding. Including Miss Hardbroom, whom they are still rather scared of, but obviously it is The Right Thing To Do. HB is completely baffled by being invited and continues being baffled at the Most Chaotic Wedding of the century. All the food gets mixed up, there is loud and cheerful family everywhere, both sets of grannies think they've been chosen to make the wedding cake because neither Mildred nor Maud were capable of saying no to them.

- Miss Cackle drinks sherry through the entire wedding, has a wonderful time, and keeps a framed photo of M&M on her office wall. Surrounded by decorative bats.

- M&M are very dedicated Old Girls and go to all the school events and tell all the current girls about the splendid times they had. HB continues to be confused by this remembrance of events.

- Their house is a complete chaotic mess all the time. Both M&M feel very guilty about this. They are both sure that they are dreadful and not sure at all why their wife puts up with them.

- Whenever friends come over M&M rush around trying to make it sort of habitable and desperately explaining that it doesn't usually look this bad, they've just been really busy lately and they really meant to clear away that magical accident detritus and they can actually be organised and their friends are just like ...No.

- Adventures in married life include When We Were Stuck Outside For Hours Because Our Key Turned Into A Fish. And the fish seemed happy as a fish and they feel bad about wanting to turn it back into a key, and can't bring themselves to do this, and after some convoluted method of Mildred climbing through the second-floor window they keep the fish in a tank and are forever anxious about the cats trying to eat it.

- Adventures also include Let's Make A Lovely Meal And Have A Romantic Evening Together Oh No.

- And also Maud Takes Up Knitting And Encodes Dangerous Sigils Into Her Blankets (before the day is saved by the cats ripping it all up)

- "If you were a bat you'd be the prettiest bat ever," Mildred coos to Maud, right before all their friends try and force them to drink Silencing Potions.

- Adventures In DIY Spells also feature heavily. Mildred especially has big ideas for home decoration.

...None of this is based at all on me and Ellie, why would you think that.
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I know I literally just got a gen_bingo card, but I can't ignore [community profile] hc_bingo! So here it is.

sensory deprivation
blackmail undeserved reputation
deadline / time bomb
hiding an injury / illness
runaways branding ritualized pain / injury resurrection mercy killing
fall from grace archaic medical treatment WILD CARD
septicemia / infected wounds hostile climate
kidnapping witch hunt culture shock loss of job / income rejection
extortion unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
blood loss forced to participate in illegal / hurtful

I'm... hmm. It's not bad, but I'm not hugely enthusiastic. Although that might just because I got that bloody soulbonding square yet again.

I could do a lot of these for Simon Illyan though :P
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How are we supposed to SLEEP?
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I wrote ANOTHER fic, and I'm kind of scared of this level of productiveness! Either that or [personal profile] philomytha's prompts are magic. I still have one left...

Indirect Authority 1000 words, gen, Simon & Alys, set sometime vaguely within the Miles Errant period.
Very few people have the authority to order Simon Illyan to stop working and get some rest.

I'm using this as my "friendship" square for [community profile] genprompt_bingo to get me off to a good start!
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I signed up for a [community profile] genprompt_bingocard! Lots to think about on it...

Smoke and Fog Mind and Body Gore Australia Puppets
When I'm 64: Future Awkwardness Afternoon The Cost of Magic Someone is Disguised
Careless Talk Costs Lives When we were Young: Nostalgia Wild Card Infiltration Apocalypse
Enemies Home-cooking Extrovert Blood Trade Winds
Friendship (Vorkosigan) Happy Endings Mixed Media Case / Mission Fic Triads (Maiden / Mother / Crone, The Fates, Macbeth's Witches, etc.)
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I wrote some fic for the first time in ages, after feeling super insecure about writing! This is absolutely plotless h/c to get me back in the grove. Thank you to raven, verity and sholio for saying nice things to me, and philomytha for the "huddling for warmth" prompt.

Bitter winter in our bones, 2000 words, gen, Cordelia & Simon (with Cordelia/Aral).
A lightflyer crash leaves Cordelia and Simon stranded.
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I finished the shawl I was complaining about the other day. I'm still not sure about it, but I do realise I'm biased from how much I hated making this pattern. Most lace patterns just fly off my needles, but this one was horrible. Mostly because of the amount of 3-into-2 stitches, which were incredibly tedious.


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