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Organisation note: Somewhere in the process of importing to DW, some of the below links have broken. Also (and mostly) I am REALLY BAD at keeping this post updated. And not all my fics have even been posted to my journal lately. So, reliable places to find each fandom I have written in:

Star Wars (TFA): AO3 tag
October Daye: AO3 tag
White Collar: AO3 tag or this DW tag (less complete list than AO3)
Criminal Minds: FFN or AO3 tag
Stargate Atlantis: this DW tag, or the links below may actually be the most reliable source
Sherlock: this DW tag
CSI: New York: FFN (but a way older account than the CM one!)

I've also written one or two fics in Shadows of the Apt, Vorkosigan, MCU, Star Trek: Voyager, Warehouse 13, Welcome to Night Vale and possibly a couple others that I've forgotten. They're somewhere in my general AO3 pile too.

The series landing page for Free of Surface Ties, the Fallen London/White Collar fusion AU which I've been writing with [personal profile] sholio is here on Dreamwidth or here on AO3.

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White Collar )

Criminal Minds )

Sherlock (BBC) )

Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Stargate Atlantis )

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HELLO. I am now quite drunk, and I felt like making a post. You know, like I swore to myself I would never end up doing. Sorry.

There was a garden party at Magdalen which was nominally because of the Jubilee but actually so the JCR could have an excuse to spend upwards of a thousand pound son Pimms. (I'n not joking. Really. I'm not. Actaually, other Oxford people probably won;'t be surprised.) There was a cardboard cutout of the queen and some people punted up and stole it. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

So I was planning on spending this eveneing working on my big bang fic. This... no longer seems like such a good idea, for obvious reasons. IT IS A SERIOUS FIC. lol no it's not

Instead, leave me prompts and I will write you drunk-fic :D (spelling and grammar are optional.)

ETA: Okay, I'm now going to go sleep/read more Vorkosigan books. Everyone else gets fics in the morning, because I am still not very good at drabbles, so they've been getting longer and longer and all the evening has gone :P
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Everyone should still go and play on a softer meme, it's getting some great prompts and fills. (And I now have a word doc full of all my favourite quotes from ASW, which I can read at any time and become happy/sad/disturbed!)

Rec from there: all art is quite useless, by [personal profile] postcardmystery. White Collar, Neal, gen, PG.
Fantastic character study. Prompt: "I'm worried that if they ever make a movie about my life, the tagline will be 'get him.'"

Also, I wrote a (very quick) fill! Um, for my own prompt. Posted here and under the cut below. Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth, gen, PG.
Prompt: when we die we come back different, like, with greener eyes, or as some far off star (you'll be someone you wouldn't understand)

some far off star )

- o -
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Title: The Eyes in the Forest (for [ profile] teylafen )
Recipient:  [ profile] chokolattejedi  
Prompt used: Bars can’t hold us
Word count: 3200 words
Pairing: Gen, Teyla and Jennifer friendship
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some violence

Summary: The gaolers are the least of their worries, now that night has fallen.

The night sky was a rich dark green )
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I am making abysmal progress on 'serious' writing, including my Big Bang.  So here's some really indulgent h/c instead.

  How to Build a Shelter
Prompt:  For my [ profile] hc_bingo  square, prompt 'Cuddling for warmth/Snowed in'.
Word count:  1700
Summary:  John and Rodney are in a snowstorm.  They're having as much fun as you'd suspect.

"S'cold," Rodney mumbled, and John fought down the urge to yell that yes, he knew )
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This is a ficlet which originated in a lolarious comment thread.  Please do not take it too seriously.  Or at all seriously.  And don't come after me with pitchforks (because then I'm just going to blame [ profile] friendshipper for putting the idea into my head).

Title: You'll All Be Very Sorry (or, Ronon's Post-Trinity Story)
Word count: 1100
Warnings: Severe angst, melodrama, and light purple prose

Enter at your own risk )
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Title:  ...To Keep
Word count:  800
Warnings:  I'm chosing not to use any.
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Teyla walks the city at night now.  Always alone.  Always in silence.

Read... )
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Word count:  840
Pairing:  Teyla/Jennifer -- sort of.
Rating:  PG (absolutely nothing explicit -- or even full ship)
Summary:  Tag to 'The Queen', following immediately after the end of the episode.  

Becoming a Wraith Queen had changed more than Teyla's face.  Or else it had revealed something of what she had always been.  She didn't know which option was preferable, but either way, she wasn't the same as she had been before.

Like Honey, Like Sirens )
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Title: Bethesda
Author: [ profile] frith_in_thorns 
Recipient: [ profile] linziday 
Prompt: Traumatized Rodney who is either unwilling or unable to admit he's traumatized. At least one member of the team helps him through it.
Word count: 3,500
Notes: Unbeta'd because of my poor organisation.

Written for the Easter fic exchange at [ profile] sgahcchallenges

 Bethesda )
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Title:  The Woods are Deadly, Dark and Deep
Rating:  PG-13, Gen
Characters:  Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay
Word count:  7000
Notes:  This was written as a response to a gorgeous piece of art by [ profile] astridv  which is here - go and look at it and drop her a comment!
Beta'd by [ profile] michelel72 - thank you very much!

Summary:  The village was burned down before they got there, and now the night's closing in.  Here, there's a very good reason to fear the dark.


And miles to go... )
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Rating:  Gen, PG-15
Characters:  Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Carson Beckett
Word count:  1600
Warnings:  Following a suggestion from [ profile] baby_werewolf , I'm warning for general dark-and-slightly-fucked-up-ness.  Also possible self-harm triggers.

Summary:  Sheppard’s here as well, standing awkwardly within the illusion of privacy created by the infirmary curtain, and he too is trying to be reassuring, and he too won’t listen.

Analogue )


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This fic is a fluffy, sugary cliche, with creme filling.  Nothing substantial at all about it, but, hey, it's Christmas!

[ profile] leesa_perrie , I said I'd write you a Christmas fic, didn't I? :)

Title: Five Christmas Trees Which Rodney Decorated
Characters:  Mostly Rodney, surprisingly enough
Word count: 1,300
Summary:  It's pretty much what the title states outright ;)


Rodney always got on well with Christmas trees. )
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Rating: Gen, PG
Characters: Ronon, McKay
Word count: 3000
Summary: "No," McKay said, while Ronon stood impassively, and waited. "No, I can't go in there. You can't make me."

for claustrophobic situations.

in darkness buried deep )

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Title: Sunlight on Broken Things
Genre: PG, Gen, H/C
Summary: Tag to Storm/Eye. I know everyone's already written one, but I thought I'd join in. Features Rodney whumping.
Notes: Written as a present for [info]ed263, for all the writing encouragement :)
Word count: ~2000

He was still cold. )
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This isn't a happy story. You have been warned.

Title and quote in italics are from Eliot.

Summary: The flames are beautiful.  It's almost worth it, seeing this.
Word count: 1500

This Valley of Dying Stars )
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I've decided I might as well use this place as a fic archive, as well as writing rather pointless posts about my daily life :P  Completed fics, at any rate.

The link goes to fanfiction.  LJ doesn't seem to like me posting from MS Word, it brings a load of HTML junk with it.

Title: The Long Star Mile
Author: frith_in_thorns / Blue Shadowdancer
Rating: PG-13
Summary: John and Rodney and one Jumper, trying to get a smooth ride home, but of course that never happens.
Spoilers: Set sometime mid season 3
Characters: Mostly Rodney and John, some team.
Genre: H/C, suspense
Word count: 26,000

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I joined with the Women of the Gate community, and they're posting their ficathon now.

Ficathon link

You should go and read!

Here's the (very short) one I wrote:

Title: Safety
Author: frith_in_thorns (me!)
Rating: G
Warnings: Tag for 'The Daedalus Variations', so spoilers up to and including that episode
Prompt: Teyla contemplates motherhood.
Summary: Teyla wonders if she's doing the right thing. After all, the galaxy is a dangerous place, and one day she might not come home.
Author's Notes: Word count: ~750

story: hush

Jul. 9th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Ok, to fall in line with what I said I'd be doing with this LJ, here's a very short story which I honestly can't decide what to do with.

It's McKeller, and this is my first attempt at writing the pairing. Actually, it was written in a club, with the rest of the ice hockey team mocking me :P

Read... )

story: help

Jul. 8th, 2009 11:44 am
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Linky story over at the SGA H/C Challenges:

Rodney knows that he's a proud man.  But he'd never admit it.
Prompt: Pride

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