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Fic Masterlist

Organisation note: Somewhere in the process of importing to DW, some of the below links have broken. Also (and mostly) I am REALLY BAD at keeping this post updated. And not all my fics have even been posted to my journal lately. So, reliable places to find each fandom I have written in:

Star Wars (TFA): AO3 tag
October Daye: AO3 tag
White Collar: AO3 tag or this DW tag (less complete list than AO3)
Criminal Minds: FFN or AO3 tag
Stargate Atlantis: this DW tag, or the links below may actually be the most reliable source
Sherlock: this DW tag
CSI: New York: FFN (but a way older account than the CM one!)

I've also written one or two fics in Shadows of the Apt, Vorkosigan, MCU, Star Trek: Voyager, Warehouse 13, Welcome to Night Vale and possibly a couple others that I've forgotten. They're somewhere in my general AO3 pile too.

The series landing page for Free of Surface Ties, the Fallen London/White Collar fusion AU which I've been writing with [personal profile] sholio is here on Dreamwidth or here on AO3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White Collar

Pressure Gen fluffy h/c, Neal, Peter, Diana, Jones. The team take part in a blood drive. It goes a little less smoothly than expected. 1300 words.

Thin Ice Gen hurt/comfort, Neal, Peter, Diana. A blizzard during an undercover meet is a recipe for disaster. 3500 words.

After the Storm Gen angst, Neal and Peter getting drunk together after something bad happens on a case. 1100 words.

Tension, Effects of Gen hurt/comfort, Neal and Peter. Neal's holding on. 750 words.

Undertow Gen angst and hurt/comfort, Neal, Mozzie, Peter. Set post-finale - see summary and warnings. 10,700 words.

Hold On Hope Gen angst and hurt/comfort, Neal and Diana. The metal and earth dampened any noises above them to nothing. 3000 words.

Cat and a Hat Gen fluff, Neal and Peter. Neal encounters a kitten. 1100 words.

Spinning Out Gen/pre-OT3 hurt/comfort, Neal, Peter, El. Peter may be less than impressed at Neal taking risks on operations, but that doesn't mean he's not going to be there through the aftermath. 2600 words.

Inevitability Gen hurt/comfort, Peter and Neal. With Peter's driving, it was probably a given that this would happen sooner or later. 3000 words.

Splinter Gen angst, Neal and Mozzie. Tag to 3x16. Neal could find a healthy and responsible way to cope with what had just happened. Or, he could find somewhere to get drunk. 2000 words.

A State of Being Lost Gen h/c, Neal, Peter, Diana, and Mozzie. Chasing a delirious Neal over town wasn't exactly how Peter had been planning to spend his afternoon. Not that Neal was terribly happy to be chased. 4500 words.

The Never We've Been Told Before Gen and past Diana/OFC, angst, Diana. "They wouldn't let me go to Prom." 700 words.

Strings Gen angst and h/c, Neal, Peter, El. This wasn't a bank robbery Neal wanted anything to do with. So it was a shame he didn't get a choice. 6000 words.

Sunrise in Shades of Ice Gen h/c, Neal and Peter. They'll freeze to death out here. Neal knows it, even if Peter's convinced otherwise. 1400 words.

Aftergame Gen and canon ship, h/c & angst, Neal and Peter/Elizabeth. Missing Scene for Checkmate. 2300 words.

See This Through Gen h/c, Neal, Diana, and Peter. Any distance can be almost too far to cross when you're bleeding out and only have the voices in your ear to help you. 3400 words.

Pertinent Information
Gen h/c, Neal and Peter. AU for Front Man - see summary. 1500 words.

Lights Will Guide You (Home) Gen h/c, Neal and Peter/El. Neal's lost. And it's dark. And there are stars. 2000 words.

Party Trick Gen h/c, Diana and Neal. Diana and Neal are undercover together. Of course, things don't go smoothly. 3000 words.

Getaway Gen h/c, Neal and Peter. Neal escaping while injured. 2000 words.

Dreaming Through The Noise Gen h/c, Neal and Peter. Neal abducted and subjected to sleep deprivation. 2500 words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Criminal Minds

Wooded Gen h/c, Reid and Morgan. Morgan and Reid are somewhere in a forest, and Reid's concussed. Things aren't going so well. 3000 words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sherlock (BBC)

In Dusk and Dark Sherlock/John. Prompt: Sherlock is a faerie who lures John under the hill. 600 words.

And Not To Yield Gen-ish. John has a PTSD flashback while captured and Sherlock attempts to calm him. Warnings used. 900 words.

Spinning in the Middle of the Air  Gen-ish. Prompt: Sherlock isn't fast enough solving a case and something bad happens. He gets high and is comforted/sobered by John. Warnings used. 1300 words.

Stay  Gen. Prompt: Sherlock is in a bad car accident. 1200 words.

Five Times Sherlock Was Accused Of Murder And One Time He Wasn't  Gen. Warnings used. 1300 words.

Lapse  Gen-ish. Prompt: After a bad case, John and Sherlock are both quite out of it. Sherlock collapses into the bath and John accidently falls asleep and leaves him in the water. 2600 words.

Logically  Gen. Warnings used. Prompt: In a hostage situation, Sherlock antagonises their captors to keep them focused on him. John has to watch. 1200 words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The World is Broad and Wide (but sometimes small)  (on dreamwidth) Gen, Toph and Zuko friendship. Toph decides to leave Ba Sing Se on her own, but still winds up having to save Zuko from his terrible plans. 3500 words.

For Every Ending, A New Beginning  (on dreamwidth) Gen, Katara and Zuko friendship.  Repairing the relationship between the Fire Nation and the Southern Water tribe.  1100 words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stargate Atlantis

The Eyes in the Forest Gen, Teyla and Jennifer are taken prisoner on an alien planet. With hostile non-human natives. 3200 words.

You'll All Be Very Sorry  Post-Trinity gen crack!fic featuring Ronon being on the receiving end of the ensuing cliches of revenge for once instead of Rodney.  No warnings.  1100 words.

...To Keep  Gen, set in the future when Teyla walks the silent corridors of Atlantis.  Warnings purposely not used.  800 words.

Like Honey, Like Sirens  Femslash.  Tag to 'The Queen'.  Non-explicit Teyla/Jennifer ship.  840 words.

Bethesda  Gen, h/c, ensemble cast.  Rodney dealing with trauma after a bad mission, and others helping him.  3500 words.

The Woods are Deadly, Dark and Deep  Gen, h/c, Rodney and Teyla friendship.  7000 words.

Analogue  Gen, h/c.  Something bad's happened to Rodney, but even he isn't quite sure what.  Warnings used.  1600 words.

Five Christmas Trees which Rodney Decorated  Gen, fluff, ensemble.  1300 words.

Growing Pains   Slash, McShep.  Fluff which is sort of about plants!  2000 words.

Heaven for the Weather, Hell for the Company  Gen, action/adventure, some h/c.  Rodney's not entirely happy with the 'rescue mission' organised by Teyla and John, but that's not their biggest problem.  9000 words.

Many Hands  Gen, team friendship, Teyla-centric.  For the AMTDI challenge on [ profile] sga_flashfic : the team helps a village rebuild.

In Darkness Buried Deep  Gen, Rodney and Ronon friendship.  Warnings used.  3000 words.

Sunlight on Broken Things  Gen, h/c.  Tag to 'The Storm'/'The Eye'.  2000 words.

This Valley of Dying Stars  Het, dark.  Non-explicit McKeller.  Warnings purposely not used.  1500 words.

The Long Star Mile  (It's on FFN, but I'm proud of this one!)  Gen, h/c.  Both injured, John and Rodney are trying to get home in a Jumper.  It's a long way, though.  26000 words.

Safety  Off-screen het.  Tag to 'The Daedalus Variations'.  Teyla contemplates balancing her dangerous missions with motherhood.  750 words.

Hush  Het, h/c, McKeller.  Just a little ficlet.  Rodney's not too good at the comforting-people-in-shock thing.  1000 words.

Help  Gen, h/c.  John supports Rodney, who's being too proud for his own good.  3000 words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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