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Rewatching this show has given me a burning desire to write all the Teyla-POV tags to everything. So here's one for The Storm/The Eye. Thank you [personal profile] sholio for beta-reading!

Burial at Sea Teyla, Rodney, John, Elizabeth; 6700 words
Cleanup, physical and emotional.

She had never had reason to know how the Genii treated their dead )

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Frith: SGA has magic radios. They always seem to just automatically connect to the right people at the right times, it's wonderful.

Sholio: yep

Frith: I don't even care about trying to make them work properly in fic
they don't in canon

Sholio: I seem to recall at one point I tried to figure out how they worked for fic purposes and gave up.
Like ... can everyone hear the conversations, or just the person you're talking to? It seems to vary by situation.

Frith: clearly Atlantis has a sentient radio network and it adds people to the channel when they're about to be talked to

Sholio: XD
If they're like a normal radio (or walkie-talkie), then everyone is on the same channel, hears the conversations and the person you're talking to can answer when you address them. That actually MAKES SENSE.
But they don't always seem to do that.

Frith: like, maybe there are just a million channels and everyone's predecided which will be used for what and can pick up mutlple ones when there's activity in them
like irc
irc radios :P

Sholio: hmmm, that actually makes a weird kind of sense
especially if it's being monitored by a highly advanced computer

Frith: that's my theory and I'm sticking with it

Sholio: sure

Frith: so each team has their own radio chatroom, and there's one for department heads, and one for miliatary, and about a hundred set up by various gossip groups...

Sholio: and newcomers are thoroughly baffled

I'm now firmly convinced of this. Either that or the radio network really does run on literal magic. It's things like this that makes it very hard to write realistic-feeling fic, when the show can't decide what it's doing!

On a related note, does anyone know how exactly the transporters work? Do they de/materialise people to different locations, or is it a physical lift/escalator system which goes up and down and sideways a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? (They'd have to be going FAST...)
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Today on SGA, we reached the episode where John turns into a bug. (It is very seriously boring how sci-fi transformations for men are so often accompanied by attack-snogging the attractive women they work with. Just stop please.)

2x07 Instinct & 2x08 Conversion

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I have been very bad at writing posts to keep up with the pace of our SGA watching. But we have now got as far as Trinity, so have some out-of-order thoughts on the episodes up to this point.

Assorted spoilers up to 2x06 )
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We have watched several episodes since I last posted, but I have had no or barely functional internet with which to share the results. I'll attempt to catch up.

(Seriously, the last time I had both my proper computer and a reliable non-shit internet connection was early December. This is getting beyond ridiculous and is why I'm so behind with everything DW-related.)

1x05 Suspicion and 1x08 Underground

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1x10 The Storm and 1x11 The Eye

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I have finally succeeded in persuading Eleanor to watch Stargate Atlantis. Or, rather, to watch a selection of Stargate Atlantis episodes. When we first kicked this idea around over Christmas we agreed that I would put together a Greatest Hits list -- however, having watched the first four episodes, she is enjoying it enough that we're actually flipping this so we'll instead watch most of the seasons with the worst eps omitted. Entirely subjectively according to Frith, of course.

Having been aware of SGA fandom through her fandoms, and from hearing me talk about it (I think she's also read some fic), she was adamant that I include both the lemon chicken episode and the episode where John turns into a bug. I'm happy to oblige in this, obviously.

Thus far we have watched S1 episodes Rising 1 & 2, Hide and Seek, and Thirty-Eight Minutes.

Reactions - mine and hers )

I am feeling so much fandom nostalgia now! Also I am really really tempted to see if I can justify buying a paid account just so I can have some of my SGA icons back again XD
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I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, for the first time, thanks to the encouragement of some of my friends. I'll be doing it as a 'rebel', though, where the goal is to write, rather than a 50,000 word story, 50,000 words of anything. Here is my profile.

Or, in other words, this is where I offload all the fannish commitments I can, since definite daily word count + deadlines = many stories produced! (Hopefully.) So, these are what I'm planning so far:

[ profile] sga_santa 
Got my assignment - it's a nice one. No ideas as of yet, but hopefully at least one will show up! Min 1000 words.

[ profile] holmestice 
Got my assignment - it consists of pretty much a pairing only, which I guess gives me free rein to write anything I want as a plotline? Min 1000 words.

[ profile] polyship 
I'm still filling out my sign-up form, no idea what I'll be asked to write. Min 500 words, max 3,500.

[ profile] apocabigbang probably a bad idea, but, but, apocalypse fic! It's so hard to resist! And it's a pretty short Big Bang, at min 10,000 words. I haven't signed up to it yet, but I'm quite likely to. I just need to pick a fandom. I'm stuck between Sherlock and Sanctuary. SGA could be interesting. Some part of me wants to do AtLA, but it would feel just too cruel!
Also it has pretty banners.

Anything else I should be doing? *gg*

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