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I got a new [community profile] hc_bingo card!

secret allies
sensory deprivation
robots / androids / AIs
restrained poisoning
experiments by evil scientists
unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
arena bites betrayal
head trauma dystopia WILD CARD
corporal punishment strapped to a moving vehicle
forced to rely on enemy / rival
hypoglycemia / low blood sugar
falling culture shock bullet wounds
cages abandonment issues major illness or injury resurrection imprisonment


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I know I literally just got a gen_bingo card, but I can't ignore [community profile] hc_bingo! So here it is.

sensory deprivation
blackmail undeserved reputation
deadline / time bomb
hiding an injury / illness
runaways branding ritualized pain / injury resurrection mercy killing
fall from grace archaic medical treatment WILD CARD
septicemia / infected wounds hostile climate
kidnapping witch hunt culture shock loss of job / income rejection
extortion unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
blood loss forced to participate in illegal / hurtful

I'm... hmm. It's not bad, but I'm not hugely enthusiastic. Although that might just because I got that bloody soulbonding square yet again.

I could do a lot of these for Simon Illyan though :P
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I signed up for a [community profile] genprompt_bingocard! Lots to think about on it...

Smoke and Fog Mind and Body Gore Australia Puppets
When I'm 64: Future Awkwardness Afternoon The Cost of Magic Someone is Disguised
Careless Talk Costs Lives When we were Young: Nostalgia Wild Card Infiltration Apocalypse
Enemies Home-cooking Extrovert Blood Trade Winds
Friendship (Vorkosigan) Happy Endings Mixed Media Case / Mission Fic Triads (Maiden / Mother / Crone, The Fates, Macbeth's Witches, etc.)
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Oh, and I got a [community profile] hc_bingo card!

caaaard )

I really like this new innovation of being able to completely veto sex-related prompts. I also vetoed bodyswap and genderswap. And I've got a card I really like! In fact, although I was a bit ??? about a couple of my squares on first glance, thinking about more creative interpretations I don't think I've got anything I can't/won't write.

Now I just need some spare brain for writing... I really am making an effort to actually get back into writing and fandom. Please feel free to poke me and feed me prompts. I work best when suffering from social obligation guilt. Sad but true.

(This explains so much about my life, really.)
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Card here! )

I've got a pretty nice card this year! Challenging without being off-putting. Now I just need to get my act together and write some fic :)
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It's [ profile] hc_bingo signup time again! *does a happy little dance*

Although, hc_bingo is also the thing I'm totally the most embarrassed about having on LJ for my non-fandom friends to see. Like, "heeeey guys, I like you lots and I want you to think I'm cool, please don't judge me too much for my weird narrative kinks!"

Anyway. Card.

My card this year is certainly more challenging! )
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I signed up to trope_bingo but have managed to get the least inspiring card I've ever encountered :( Help me out by prompting me!

Read more... )
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I am so stressed at work right now that I was nearly crying on my bike home. Does not help that tomorrow I'm probably going to get yelled at by CEO because I've been covering for J-the-slow these past two weeks while he's been on holiday (and catching up for him! I seriously have no idea what he does all day) and therefore haven't had time to do all of my stuff.

On the plus side, Hobbit trailer! It looks awesome. Although, to my disgust, people are already labelling Taruiel a Mary Sue just from this. Oh no, it's a women who looks like she's good at things! Contaminating the sacred all-male canon!

I also have a new hc_bingo card, which is fun. This is how I did last year. Red squares are completed&posted, blue ones I've written a significant portion of but never finished, and green are untouched. My card this year looks fun, too!

My card )
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Because a) I'm a masochist, b) I find writing challenges hard to resist and c) I crumble under peer pressure, I have signed up to [ profile] love_bingo. Because when I'm spending all my spare time with plot bunnies eating my brain, what I obviously need is more of them! (I am doing so much writing at the moment! Actually finishing all the things I'm working on... not quite so much.)

My card )

That is... not as impossible as I was expecting, actually. There are quite a lot of squares which are not too far outside my comfort zone.

(Favourite square: "Feelings". That seems very open to interpretation. Any feelings? Can I just use that for any fic in which a character displays emotions? *gg*)

Prompt me, yes?

*has urge to write grimly subversive fics for at least four squares*
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I am a sheep, and I clearly hadn't signed up for enough bingo cards already :D So here's my new one from [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo.

Finally Sound Milestone Cuddle Friends for life
Running out of time Writing for someone Earache Dancing Game night
Inspiration / Muse Under the surface WILD CARD Fair / Carnival / Festival Comfort food
Bows / Frills / Lace Fantasy Transportation problems Fabric Snuggles
Pillows or soft toys Saving a life Close Shelter Sleepy

Anyone want to prompt me? The only stipulations are that I have to have happy endings. Eventually.

On a related note, I'm currently very impressed with myself for having filled five squares so far on my [ profile] hc_bingo card in a way that doesn't even start making any pattern whatsoever. This is an achievement, clearly.

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