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Feb. 12th, 2015 11:15 pm
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Organisation note: Somewhere in the process of importing to DW, some of the below links have broken. Also (and mostly) I am REALLY BAD at keeping this post updated. And not all my fics have even been posted to my journal lately. So, reliable places to find each fandom I have written in:

Star Wars (TFA): AO3 tag
October Daye: AO3 tag
White Collar: AO3 tag or this DW tag (less complete list than AO3)
Criminal Minds: FFN or AO3 tag
Stargate Atlantis: this DW tag, or the links below may actually be the most reliable source
Sherlock: this DW tag
CSI: New York: FFN (but a way older account than the CM one!)

I've also written one or two fics in Shadows of the Apt, Vorkosigan, MCU, Star Trek: Voyager, Warehouse 13, Welcome to Night Vale and possibly a couple others that I've forgotten. They're somewhere in my general AO3 pile too.

The series landing page for Free of Surface Ties, the Fallen London/White Collar fusion AU which I've been writing with [personal profile] sholio is here on Dreamwidth or here on AO3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White Collar )

Criminal Minds )

Sherlock (BBC) )

Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Stargate Atlantis )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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A few days ago I heard that the last ever Edge Chronicles book was being released next week. I bought a ticket to the launch party. I found there were actually two books out that I hadn't read!

So I re-read The Immortals (because I couldn't remember much about it) and have just now finished the next one. And, damn. Has it always been One Girl Per Book in an incredibly crowded cast of boys and men? I'm terribly afraid it has and I was too young to notice. The books are full of major and minor characters with names, personality, snapshots of story. Sky pirates, heroes, criminals, academics, soldiers. And dead mothers (there are zero live or even recently-alive mothers in 11 books) and one Exceptional Girl. The girl in The Nameless One shows up 45% of the way through and is the only female in the book to have a name. There is one other female character in the whole book who has lines, at 85%.

Frankly, I feel kind of betrayed. This series meant *so much* to me when I was in early secondary school. My best friend and I spent hours planning our sky pirate names and our sky ships. But it wasn't for us all along, apparently.

I think I'm cancelling my ticket to the launch of the final book. How do you worldbuild with no women? How do you defend that? (I have been to 3 of their author events previously. I remember them talking about how they wrote these books for their daughters. What a fucking gift.)
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letter placeholder
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This is the first thing I've written for months. Easing back into it with a missing scene that loads of people have already filled in, but eh. I wanted to as well!

and ignite your bones
Stamets/Culber & Tilly, 1450 words, hurt/comfort and angst (in that order).

Missing scene for 1x09 (ie the one where Stamet had to do the ridiculous number of jumps and for some reason the show erroniously thought we didn't need any aftermath)
Tilly can’t look away. Stamets, colourless, whole body shaking. Vibrating. Insanely, she feels she can almost catch the note.
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Signal-boosting for this exchange! I had fun with it last time round and am partway through writing my sign-up for this one.

[community profile] homemade2homemade is a community for geeky crafters to share their obsessions and talents!

Come join us for the second round of our gift exchange!
All levels of geeks and crafters are welcome!
Sign up between January 9-31, 2019
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“It was lonely on the hill, and cold. And all you could do was keep going. You could say it was unfair, and that was true, but the universe didn’t care because it didn’t know what “fair” meant. That was the big problem about being a witch. It was up to you. It was always up to you.”

― Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith
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Which of these do you think would make a good name for a lop-ear house rabbit?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 25

Rabbit is a future-rabbit, gender undetermined

View Answers

12 (48.0%)

5 (20.0%)

6 (24.0%)

4 (16.0%)

3 (12.0%)

9 (36.0%)

4 (16.0%)

2 (8.0%)

7 (28.0%)

0 (0.0%)

3 (12.0%)

4 (16.0%)

7 (28.0%)

2 (8.0%)

4 (16.0%)

3 (12.0%)

4 (16.0%)

6 (24.0%)

6 (24.0%)

I have a BETTER IDEA which I will tell you in a comment
0 (0.0%)

(We are getting a rabbit in the New Year, I am VERY EXCITED)
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AO3 tag of the day: "Major character death but also kind of not because cpr happens"

(I checked and the CPR success was neither ambiguous nor a cliffhanger.)


Two fun prompt-memes running right now: Three Sentence Ficathon and Middle-aged ships (I queried on the last and gen is also welcome!)


Finally, hi new and newly active friends! This close to the end of term I am running on very little sleep and School Christmas Hype but I am reading and trying to also be around more. After we break up I will definitely be!
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What I have done in November is knit 1.5 cardigans and read Terry Pratchett. Lots of Terry Pratchett. It was a bit unintentional -- I had a sudden craving to read Jingo, and then I wanted to read all the Watch books, and then others, and then I decided actually it'd be great to read the whole series in chronological order.

Goodreads nicely presents me with this (in reverse order):

List )

Okay, so I really wish I'd decided to read them all in order before I'd read most of the Watch books, to get the full effect of the progression. But it's still been a really interesting exercise, and in any case I've now caught up, as The Last Hero and then Night Watch are the next two on the list.

You'll note I did miss some of the early ones out. And there are also some on the list that I was reading for the first time! When I encountered the Discworld books, in 2nd year at uni, and read them all in one mad rush, I read them all in character blocks and by the time I got to Sourcery I was pretty uninterested in the wizards. This time I started with Sourcery and almost did the same thing, but was convinced by Ellie to go on to Interesting Times. And I'm pleased to report that along with all the other series they hugely improved.

The first time I read DW, several people were suprised that I didn't like the Witches books more. I've now realised the reason for this -- the first Pratchett I read were the Tiffany books, a few years previously. Going from Tiffany's perspective of Mistress Weatherwax to the other witches' perspective of Granny was something akin to a huge culture shock and it took me several books to work back up to my extreme love of her.

I think, overall, I'd very much recommend reading the series in order like this over reading individual strands. Everything just fits together so much better, you can see the thread of an idea start in one book and flow into the next (ie vampires in Carpe Jugulum --> The Fifth Elephant --> The Truth), and it really benefits books which don't fit neatly into a shorter sequence, such as The Truth, which I barely remembered from my previous read of it but loved here. And you don't get that jolt as you whizz back in time to start a new sequence. What comes out is the story of the Disc's society and it's evolution and progression, and I really enjoyed that.

...anyway, I'm still only 2/3 through, and I've got more Christmas knitting to do...
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I did feel some mild sadness at getting no comments on my gift-unboxing post, but I have just realised

all the notification emails

went to spam

Come on, gmail!
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Right, so I spent most of the half-term being ill, as is only traditional for teachers. (I made a nice cave under my duvet and Ellie brought me tea.)

But during this, something delightful arrived in the post, which was my [community profile] homemade2homemade gift which I'd completely given up on! Apparently it did a fair bit of bouncing over the globe, was returned to sender in Australia, and then made another outward journey.

It is WONDERFUL and [personal profile] tielan is a sewing genius. I already knew this as I've seen pictures of her quilts, but getting to see an item up close is something else altogether.

I took A LOT of unboxing photos.

Seriously, so many... )

A photo of the whole bag. I seriously love it and am in awe. I especially really love the swirly fabric on the outside, it's beautiful and really works so well as a Star Trek bag. And the gold piping! I have only done a bit of sewing and it is really HARD to get something to look as brilliant as this -- I couldn't come anywhere close.

[personal profile] tielan, thank you so much! This is INCREDIBLE, I really am absolutely over the moon! ♥ ♥ ♥
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This is definitely relevant to some of your interests:

The Great Chinese Art Heist (GQ)

Basically, some Chinese billionaires (and possibly also the government) have been hiring expert theives to steal back Chinese art from European museums. The morality here, of course, is very much dependent on your viewpoint.

Definitely a Neal Caffrey story...
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This is a repost of a post from a couple of weeks ago, but apparently the images didn't work for most (but not all!) people, I have no idea why. Hopefully they work this time!

I had a great time making something for the inaugural [community profile] homemade2homemade exchange! I knitted a lace shawl, because that's my thing. My recipient, [personal profile] abigail89, said that she was a Ravenclaw, so I made a feathery shawl in very dark blue with bronze beading.

Way more photos under the cut! )
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I just remembered I applied for a card months ago. Then I went back and checked my emails. Surprise, I'm bad at reading emails!

It's a very nice card!

hunger / starvation purgatory nightmares hostile climate hiding an injury / illness
hostages archaic medical treatment restrained therapy forced to rely on enemy / rival
loss of identity side effects WILD CARD apocalypse mercy killing
near death experience fighting loss of possessions lacerations / knife wounds CPR / rescue breathing
broken bones resurrection skeletons in the closet crucifixion depression
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So back in January I said how I was kicking around a post-finale fic idea which would probably turn out to be REALLY long and everyone here encouraged me? Well, I finally finished it. I've been posting in chapters to AO3 and managed to keep a good buffer all the way through so that I had plenty of time between writing, editing and posting. (Except for the epilogue, which took me three weeks to write.)

It's the longest thing I've ever written by a good 5k. I'm incredibly proud of it.

Title: We're not pure of heart, but we're sure of aim (Wolf 359)
Word count: 52,300 words
Characters: Renée Minkowski, Isobel Lovelace, Hera, Doug Eiffel, Daniel Jacobi, Miranda Pryce, Dominik Koudelka
Pairing: Gen focus with Dominik/Renée, Renée/Isabel, mentions of past Jacobi/Kepler
Content/Tags: Post-Finale Fic, Deal-with-it rather than fix-it fic, Post-Canon, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst for everyone, multiple POVs, Friendship, Bad Decision, LLF Comment Project, Low-key alcohol issues, An endless amount of angst-filled conversations, workplace drama, Artificial Intelligence, Heists, vague diversions into political drama, Hurt/Comfort, AI Rights Crusade

Summary: Going home is never simple, even when home exists. Sometimes it doesn't. For the Hephaestus survivors, "home" is no guarantee of comfort, or even safety, and there's still Goddard Futuristics to contend with. And a brand-new person named Miranda.

AO3 link
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Okay, I've been talking about it for long enough -- I've finally started posting my mammoth Wolf 359 post-canon fic.

We're not pure of heart, but we're sure of aim

Basically this is A Lot Of Thoughts I have about What Happens Next. I've read a lot of good post-canon fics but I've noticed that they mostly gloss over a) what happens to Goddard and b) what happens to Miranda. I am definitely not glossing over these things. I have so many feelings, guys.

I'm so proud of this thing.

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My epic post-canon Wolf 359 fic of All My Feelings is currently 20,221 words. I estimate it's... not quite halfway through.

I also think this is enough of a buffer to start posting this week. (I'm aiming for chapters on Wed/Sat.) Given the amount of my brain it's been occupying, I don't think there's any danger of me not finishing it.

Mostly I want to post it because I really want to talk about it and all my theories for the characters post-canon and for where plot might take them. I have so many thoughts.
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I got a wonderful Illyan/Aral/Cordelia fic from [personal profile] philomytha! I didn't think I was getting anything at all* so it was an amazing surprise to open my email and see SIX THOUSAND WORDS OF ILLYAN HURT/COMFORT from my favourite Vorkosigan writer! :D :D Recalibration

I only ended up doing two things, which I'm a bit down on myself about -- I'd intended to do more but didn't manage to find the time. I wrote a Janeway&Chakotay preship h/c thing, and did a silly painting of Tisamon's family crest or something.


*I'm... kind of doubting I'll sign up again, because I didn't have a good experience with this fest. In short, my assignment was sitting in draft for a couple of hours past the deadline because I was trying to avoid the reveals bug and then of course switched to another tab and forgot I hadn't hit Post. I contacted the mod and submitted the fic as soon as I realised, but the mod told me that a couple of hours late still counted as defaulted, and since the person assigned to me hadn't turned in anything I wouldn't get a pinch hit or go on the treat spreadsheet. Too bad so sad. (I was actually really sad, lol.) Also she shouted at me because I got mixed up about whether we were talking in a screened thread or not (I'd been commenting on two posts, one screened and one not) and accidentally revealed the link to my fic for about thirty seconds before she screened the whole thread with a "do NOT reply to me". Soooo. Like, this situation was directly down to me being an idiot, but it all seemed rather... excessively aggressive, and I was/still am really upset by it all. (I didn't want to say anything while things were still running.) /whine
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Some very silly Wolf 359 valentines. They started as a way to practice using a dip pen with watercolour masking fluid. I'll probably make more.

(Spoilers up to The Watchtower.)

valentines from Eiffel, Hilbert, and the Plant Monster )

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