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So who else is currently in a "I'm not going to be able to write ALL OF MY FRIENDS fandom_stocking fics!" panic and still typing furiously?

(Please tell me I'm not alone.)

(This post is basically a pre-emptive way to say even if I don't have time to write for the stockings of everyone on my flist I STILL LOVE YOU and I just ran out of time!)
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Because a) I'm a masochist, b) I find writing challenges hard to resist and c) I crumble under peer pressure, I have signed up to [ profile] love_bingo. Because when I'm spending all my spare time with plot bunnies eating my brain, what I obviously need is more of them! (I am doing so much writing at the moment! Actually finishing all the things I'm working on... not quite so much.)

My card )

That is... not as impossible as I was expecting, actually. There are quite a lot of squares which are not too far outside my comfort zone.

(Favourite square: "Feelings". That seems very open to interpretation. Any feelings? Can I just use that for any fic in which a character displays emotions? *gg*)

Prompt me, yes?

*has urge to write grimly subversive fics for at least four squares*
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Soooo, yesterday evening I sat down to type up some of my November fic, and put Elementary on in the background because I had been meaning to get around to watching it. And then I accidentally most of the aired episodes, and barely any typing up. Oops.

I have also now written half a meta about the many ways Elementary is very good and worlds less infuriating than Moffat's Sherlock (which has been putting me off any and all versions of Holmes for the last year). And I love love love Joan Watson to bits.

A reaction I got to posting this on Facebook was "But Elementary has no gay". Moffat's Sherlock did not have gay in it. It had incessive and offensive queerbaiting capped hastily each time with LOL NO HOMO. The fan subtext does not make this gay-friendly. It doesn't make the commentary by Moffat and BC less awful.

I came across a quote in an article/blog post a while back -- I cannot for the life of me remember where, but chances are it was from s.e. smith or one of the articles posted on the stfu_moffat tumblr. It said something along the lines of: "It's actually astonishing that vigorously-denied subtext between two white male leads is seen as being more progressive than a Watson played by a WoC." That is all.


I have also been catching up on this series of Merlin, where the writers have apparently decided that running the exact same multi-ep arc with a different principal three different times wasn't enough. *facepalms, giggling* Also most of the 'plot' still hinges on character A not telling character B the important information which would allow it to be resolved with in five minutes. Although this season has not had a tournament episode yet, so I should probably give some credit for that...

In other news, Gwen continues to be gorgeous, Merlin continues to be extremely woobie, and the geography in and around Camelot continues to make no sense whatsoever. (Morgana's remarkably similar ambush in the exact same glade at the beginning of two episodes in a row has been my absolute favourite example of this. Oh show, you really are incredibly stupid. But very pretty.)

I can't really be too sad about this show being cancelled. It's terrible (this fact is freely admitted by its fans) and it's had a five-year run. But you have to love a show so blatant with its "if the pretty men take off their shirts all the time, maybe viewers won't notice quite so many plotholes!" I shall definitely miss it. Hopefully the BBC will come up with something else as ridiculous and pretty to put in that timeslot. Suggestions?
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You remember how I was wondering yesterday about whether it was a good idea to transport a cake on a bike?


IMG_0734 wasn't.

(I hit a bump and it went flying, and then SMASH.)

Poor cake.
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Yes, I'm sorry, more house updates.

So, turns out that the landlords were probably dealing in bad faith all along when they tried to illegally threaten us with eviction, and then offered to release us from the contract. Because as soon as we took them up on the offer, they withdrew it. General opinion is that they were just trying to scare us and call our bluff.

So we're stuck here for a year. And there still isn't any internet, which automatically makes everything ten times worse (and I can't even play computer games or anything because Steam needs a connection to sign in. I need to look into how much those internet dongle things cost). But E and C have agreed that I don't have to deal with the landlords in any way, down to not even reading emails from them. Which is manageable, I think. (This sounds really quite pathetic of me.)

I'm so massively far behind on everything I should be commenting on -- I'm really sorry. Hopefully I shall eventually catch up? (I have internet this weekend, patchily, because I'm not at the house.)

Anyway. Stuff.
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Quite a few people on my flist are doing a meme that involves listing all the fics you're currently working on. I considered doing that, but since I'm saving all the challenge-writing I've signed up for until after Finals, and since they're pretty much the same ones as everyone elses' ([ profile] whitecollar_bb, [ profile] wcpairings, [ profile] whitecollarhc, plus a whole pile of misc prompts I will eventually get through), so that post wouldn't really be terribly interesting.

Instead, I'm going to talk about some of the fics I'm not going to write.

-- The Criminal Minds zombie apocalypse AU. Okay, so Criminal Minds fic in general probably falls into this category. Love the show, can't deal with the fandom.

-- I always meant to write Stargate Universe fic with TJ/James. No, seriously, this was my ship, and I am going down with it :P

-- An epic-length Merlin AU where I try and make the show make sense. (For those who haven't watched it, the scripts make Stargate Atlantis look well-plotted. Nearly every single Danger Of The Week could be solved in five minutes if the characters would just talk to each other about it.)

If I did this it would partly focus around Morgana and the absolutely terrible way Gaius treated her, which amounts to institutionalised abuse. On discovering she had magic he decided that of course she shouldn't be told about it, because she would probably do something evil (based on no evidence whatsoever, and despite Gaius doting on Merlin and his magic). The solution: continue to lie to Morgana, let her think she's crazy, and keep her drugged/sedated whenever possible to try and stop her finding out the truth. And then, when she discovered that Gaius and Uther, the men who have power over her, have been lying to her all along, her anger/feelings of betrayal at this was apparently proof that she would have been 'evil' anyway. Someone remind me why Gaius is supposed to be the show's moral centre, please.

Anyway, in this theoretical AU Morgana would find out the truth early on, Gwen would support her, Merlin would be angstily torn between his mentor and Doing The Right Thing and Arthur would at first be loyal to his father and then dramatically realise that he was in the wrong. And then they would all team together (possibly with Morgouese) and rebel against Uther. And Morgana and Merlin would study magic together. (I don't know what part the Slash Dragon would play.)

-- The series [ profile] helle_d and I have been expanding on for the last couple of terms, which can be summarised as "Alanna (from the Tortall books by Tamara Pierce) Travels The Multiverse And Fixes Things". There is also lots and lots of femslash. She can do this at different times in her life, so will always be the right age for shipping :D Included in this so far:
Merlin: This works out a bit like above, although set during the third season probably. Alanna goes to Camelot, wins a tournament, realises that Uther's a tyrant, knocks sense into Arthur, teams up with (and is shipped with) Morgana, and helps lead the revolution. Also shows how ridiculous the ban on magic is.

Legend of Korra: We haven't really developed a plot for this, using this 'verse maaaaay be a thinly-veiled excuse to ship Alanna/Lin. (We also ship Korra/Keladry.)

A Song of Ice and Fire: In which we ship both Alanna/Brienne and Sansa/Margery. Alanna gets Brienne to realise how awesome she is, and then the two of them fight to let Sansa and Margery rule Westeros together. Brienne is made Hand. Asha (Yara in show'verse) gets to be Queen in the North. (After five books, these are quite literally the only characters I still care about.)

(Alanna does all this stuff with George's knowledge, of course, because they have a communicative and open marriage. Line from [ profile] helle_d: "I can't come to bed, George, someone is Wrong in the multiverse!")

Okay, I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them. So more revision now. (Revision with fic-writing breaks to keep me sane.)
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Guess who's got to hand in her extended essay in twelve-and-a-half hours and still has ~3000 words to go? :D

On the plus side, I have way more than 3000 words of notes to use. Apparently Helen and I are able to make each other work by some strange occult magic or something. (Perhaps it's because when I'm working in her room I a. feel guilty if I'm not working and she is (apparently this works in reverse), and b. can't mess around on the internet. Also she is very reassuring when I start panicking. Yay!)

On this topic, here is my next quote-thing for 100things:

Sediment blankets much of the deep-ocean floor and was a source of endless tedium for those lowering dredges and raising mud during the three-year voyage of HMS Challenger in the 1870s. This voyage marked the first systematic look at the biology of the deep sea. Perhaps all that mud contributed to the suicide, two cases of insanity and 61 desertions that are among its lesser known achievements.

- Callum Roberts, "Deep impact: the rising toll of fishing in the deep sea", Trends in Ecol & Evol
GUESS WHAT MY ESSAY'S ON. Well, at least the bobtail squid in my icon is actually relevant for once. Well, more so than the "science is awesome, yay!" that I generally use it for...

(In related news, this is why I'm behind on answering comments. And now my break's over and I must go back to wooooork...)

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This is a story about how cool I am.

I went to a blood donor session today, gave blood, blah blah. ("Wow, you have really slow blood!" "Yes. Yes, I'm told this with fascination every time.")

Finished, was asked if I ever had any problems afterwards, told them no, sat up and fainted. Which I have never done before.

Lying there feeling like crap, my first coherent thought was, "Hey! I can use this in a fic! :D"

...I am so totally cool.
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Oh wow, I have totally been neglecting LJ/DW this week apart from to throw protest photos at you and run away again. I'm really sorry to everyone who's only just getting comment replies -- I love love love comments but I can be really terrible at answering them quickly.

Mostly, there's been this magical thing called sunshine! I have been sitting out in it and writing my epic White Collar post-finale fic of DOOM. Okay, when I say epic I mean just under 11,000 words, which isn't that epic, but it's by far the longest thing I've written in literally years so I feel accomplished. Um, I was going to beg for someone to beta-read it for me, but given I'm going to Cornwall on Saturday morning so want to post it Friday night, (I'll have internet access there, but sporadically) I may have left that a bit late.


In non-fandom stuff, I, as usual, haven't done much :P Started a tabletop Trail Of Cthulhu game tonight with a few friends, GM'd by Fran. We survived a train crash, had a protracted argument about whether the cliffs of Dover have a lighthouse on (Tim triumphantly found via google that they Roman times), and discovered that everyone else in England appears to have been killed by mysterious plants. Also Claire and I not-entirely-seriously pushed to split the party - as a racing pilot and an Oxford don we reckon we have a better chance of survival if we ditch the crazy priest and the incredibly unhinged artist. GM denied this request.


I have also seen films. The Hunger Games, which I really want to devote an entire post to talking about, and The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel. All I can say about that one is go and watch it, it is fantastic. It has the always, always wonderful and adorable Dev Patel, and also Maggie Smith and Judi Dench and Penelope Wilson and Bill Nighy. Go and see it, seriously.


Oh, on the subject of things you should see: Hoarders: Skyrim edition. Dead now.
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[Poll #1826114]

This question dedicated to everyone who has seen my fic notebook and proceeded to kill themselves laughing at the ink html. You know who you are XD *narrow eyes*

Also, I want to know what other people do! 
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- I have dyed my hair purple. Specifically, violet. I think it looks rather good. Currently it's still rather dark, but it will brighten and then it will be wonderful.

- I JUST HANDED IN SOME WORK FUCK YES. This is a pathetically big deal. I'm feeling rather guilty over how nice all my tutors are being to me, so this is good. Especially as I spent the last week metaphorically curled into a ball.

- I was ridiculously amused by the TolkSoc practice quiz (for our match against Cambridge) last Friday. Especially as Team Skyrim beat Team Second Best (they came up with their name first, even!) by about double the points, even with Andrew the quizmaster penalising us for bad jokes and also tactical gambles. We are really not a society to take ourselves seriously.

(Andrew: Which direction did the second gate of Monas Tirith face?
Me: Do you mean Minas?
Andrew: It says Monas on my bit of paper. So that's the question.
Graham: Is the correct answer that it doesn't exist?
Andrew: No. I'm in charge.
Other team: West.
Our team: South.
Andrew: South-west. You both lose.)
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I've been reminded that I still have my completely neglected [ profile] hc_bingo card. Since it was [ profile] friendshipper's post which reminded me, I've shamelessly gone ahead and copied her way of marking the squares in order of preference.

Read more... )
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Me: Okay, we have to be in Oxford at 1pm on Thursday to be given the keys to the new house.
Mum: Do you think we're really going to be able to be there by 1pm?
Me: It's okay, I'll have eveything packed and ready Wednesday evening.
Mum: Are you joking?
Me: I bet you £5 that I will be.
Mum: ...I'll take that bet.



Jan. 20th, 2011 07:32 pm
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You know when you have a sort-of-crisis (except that can't be what it was, not when you've apparently left the source of stress and you're being a good little daughter and not wanting to say anything's wrong), and as a result of that you basically drop out of life and fuck up every. single. fic exchange you entered, and are then so ashamed of this fact and terrified of people yelling at you because of it that you don't feel you can do more than lurk for ages while you try and build up the spoons to actually do the owriting but it never happens, and then you get lonely because you've just out the majority of your human contact but still don't dare to post anything on your journal or do more than drop a couple of random comments here and there because if you don't look then you won't have to acknowledge that you have emails from people sitting in your inbox which you haven't dared to open because you don't want to face even a bit of everything you're trying to hide from?

Yeah. Um. Sorry.
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NaNoWriMo has got off to a...slow...start. I'm slightly ashamed :P

875 / 50000 (1.75%)

Anyway, I made some icons for the show Downton Abbey on ITV. It's a good show. [ profile] magicalsibylle  recommended it to me.

Total Icon Count: 15


Icons Here! )
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I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, for the first time, thanks to the encouragement of some of my friends. I'll be doing it as a 'rebel', though, where the goal is to write, rather than a 50,000 word story, 50,000 words of anything. Here is my profile.

Or, in other words, this is where I offload all the fannish commitments I can, since definite daily word count + deadlines = many stories produced! (Hopefully.) So, these are what I'm planning so far:

[ profile] sga_santa 
Got my assignment - it's a nice one. No ideas as of yet, but hopefully at least one will show up! Min 1000 words.

[ profile] holmestice 
Got my assignment - it consists of pretty much a pairing only, which I guess gives me free rein to write anything I want as a plotline? Min 1000 words.

[ profile] polyship 
I'm still filling out my sign-up form, no idea what I'll be asked to write. Min 500 words, max 3,500.

[ profile] apocabigbang probably a bad idea, but, but, apocalypse fic! It's so hard to resist! And it's a pretty short Big Bang, at min 10,000 words. I haven't signed up to it yet, but I'm quite likely to. I just need to pick a fandom. I'm stuck between Sherlock and Sanctuary. SGA could be interesting. Some part of me wants to do AtLA, but it would feel just too cruel!
Also it has pretty banners.

Anything else I should be doing? *gg*
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I've just found out that I'd messed up my settings on AO3, and haven't been getting any notification emails. And therefore haven't been replying to comments on my ficathon entry, since I didn't realise I had any.  Argh. Sorry about that. (I had also managed to mark it as a WIP - I failed so much when I posted that, it seems!)

Also I have a very nice glass lamp which I was packing to take back to Oxford when I knocked it over. Now there are bits of glass all over my floor and my lamp is irreversibly damaged and ARGH.

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