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In the scheme of things, this is such a minor rant it's hilarious. But meh.

So my extra userpic package on LJ expired, and it turns out that LJ removes icons completely randomly. Seriously, I have been staring at it trying to find a pattern. (Freezing your icon space until you choose the requisite amount to remove, as DW does, would have been nice, but my expectations weren't that high. I was just assuming something like "icons uploaded the longest amount of time ago" or "icons used the least" would be in effect, since I know LJ can sort by both of those.)

Unless the pattern it chose was "icons Frith really wanted to keep". Because my default icon is gone (although still showing up on my journal, wtf), and the SGA icons I use most are gone, and half my Neal and Diana icons are gone, and ALL of my Lin icons are gone. And my snarky feminist/queer icons.

I am very not impressed. On the other hand, this has coincided with the revealed update to the user page which instantly gave me a headache (those shades of pale blue! LJ, you have been told again and again that this is a headache/migraine trigger in a not insubstantial amount of your users!) to remind me why I'm pleased not to be giving money to LJ any more when my paid account fully runs out in a few days...
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Soooo, yesterday evening I sat down to type up some of my November fic, and put Elementary on in the background because I had been meaning to get around to watching it. And then I accidentally most of the aired episodes, and barely any typing up. Oops.

I have also now written half a meta about the many ways Elementary is very good and worlds less infuriating than Moffat's Sherlock (which has been putting me off any and all versions of Holmes for the last year). And I love love love Joan Watson to bits.

A reaction I got to posting this on Facebook was "But Elementary has no gay". Moffat's Sherlock did not have gay in it. It had incessive and offensive queerbaiting capped hastily each time with LOL NO HOMO. The fan subtext does not make this gay-friendly. It doesn't make the commentary by Moffat and BC less awful.

I came across a quote in an article/blog post a while back -- I cannot for the life of me remember where, but chances are it was from s.e. smith or one of the articles posted on the stfu_moffat tumblr. It said something along the lines of: "It's actually astonishing that vigorously-denied subtext between two white male leads is seen as being more progressive than a Watson played by a WoC." That is all.


I have also been catching up on this series of Merlin, where the writers have apparently decided that running the exact same multi-ep arc with a different principal three different times wasn't enough. *facepalms, giggling* Also most of the 'plot' still hinges on character A not telling character B the important information which would allow it to be resolved with in five minutes. Although this season has not had a tournament episode yet, so I should probably give some credit for that...

In other news, Gwen continues to be gorgeous, Merlin continues to be extremely woobie, and the geography in and around Camelot continues to make no sense whatsoever. (Morgana's remarkably similar ambush in the exact same glade at the beginning of two episodes in a row has been my absolute favourite example of this. Oh show, you really are incredibly stupid. But very pretty.)

I can't really be too sad about this show being cancelled. It's terrible (this fact is freely admitted by its fans) and it's had a five-year run. But you have to love a show so blatant with its "if the pretty men take off their shirts all the time, maybe viewers won't notice quite so many plotholes!" I shall definitely miss it. Hopefully the BBC will come up with something else as ridiculous and pretty to put in that timeslot. Suggestions?
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Hello! This is mainly of use to people currently in Oxford. But I shall spam everyone with it anyway. Since I spend most of my LJ time spamming Ox-friends with fandom, it seems only fair :P

To copy the blurb I wrote for the Facebook event:

"On the week beginning 25th March, Exeter College is hosting the group Christian Concern to hold a conference. Christian Concern ( is anti-lgbtq rights, anti-Islam, and anti-choice.

We believe that these values have no place in Oxford and should not be implicitly supported by allowing the group to hold a conference here. Therefore we will be protesting on Turl Street, outside the conference, to make it clear that Oxford, and the student body, is absolutely opposed."

An article written for the Guardian about the situation is here.

So! I'm pretty sure I invited nearly all of you via FB, but this is another plug in case you'd forgotten. Come and join us, from 11 by the Missing Bean. We've not been allowed to know exactly when the people are arriving, so we'll potentially be there all afternoon, come and join us any time. Bring banners and stuff! (Don't bring glitterbombs, it's bad for the environment and we promised Exeter we wouldn't. Also we really don't want to be in trouble with the police.)

Also, in case it's unclear: This is in no way an anti-Christianity protest, many of the protesters identify as Christians. This is a protest against the hosting (and therefore implicit/implied support or at least lack-of-problem-with) a group with political pull which in the UK is one of the main campaigners against gay marriage, against abortion, against people who are non-Christian.

The LGBTQ campaign had a banner-painting picnic this afternoon in the parks, some photos are below the cut for your entertainment. I'm the one with the dinosaur t-shirt and the extremely frizzy hair, if you wanted to know. Also the one who's signs look like they were made by a 10-yr-old XD (I like rainbows, okay :P)

Permission was given to use these photos as publicity. )

Expect a photo-heavy post tomorrow evening of how it goes! :D
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Just a note, I've currently turned back on the custom comment pages in my journal - ie they are no longer on the beautiful new default style, because it's giving me a massive headache. This is so that I can use my own style for now on the comms I read, and therefore actually be able to read them.

I hope this doesn't cause problems for people - if it does, let me know. I tried to pick a theme which had reasonable contrast, but the options aren't great (which was why I always went with the default!!).
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Suddenly there seems to be mass OH NOES THE EVIL IMMIGRANTS ARE TRYING TO CANCEL CHRISTMAS panic all over my facebook feed, with a sidenote of THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. Delightful.

Well, I've been considering a friend cull for a while...

ETA: At least one of these people is American. DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY YOU'RE CELEBRATING RIGHT NOW.


Jul. 31st, 2011 04:54 pm
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I'm so disappointed in Jason Momoa right now. (For those of you who don't know, he played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, and was recently on a Comic Con panel discussing it.)

"I've never been a part of anything remotely close to this," Momoa says, when asked to compare working on a Sci Fi Channel show to working on an HBO show. He loves that scifi and fantasy shows let you "rip someone's throat out and rape beautiful women."

(Emphasis mine, source here)

That's just...disturbing and disgusting. And no, I don't care if he was joking, that's still an really terrible thing to say. At least everyone else on the panel looked suitably unimpressed.
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Note: the general 'you' is in use throughout this post.

I want to link to this post by [ profile] phaetonschariot today.  Go read it now, because the rest of this post is going to assume that you have.  It's meta, although it's headed like a fic, but the header is what's being discussed in the meta.

I lurk around quite a few meta places on LJ, and this topic's been flying around lately, particularly on [ profile] fanficrants , and side-by-side with numerous ship wars, where it usually takes the form of (as illustrated by this post) "X IS NOT GAY! YOU'RE BREAKING CANON! STOP MAKING THEM GAY" - and while that was written in that post as an over-the-top example, some people were actually agreeing with it.  (Because of course your personal opinions that everyone is straight until proven otherwise, and never ever bisexual, should dictate what everyone else is allowed to write and read.  ::eyeroll::)

From that you may be able to work out that I fully agree with [ profile] phaetonschariot 's post.  Because however much to try to colour it as a 'squick', it really is offensive to demand that non-straight relationships should be warned for by others, and especially if you're then surprised that people do get offended by your reaction.  Maybe I've been reading too much SGA fic, but it does seem that this fandom has pretty bitter feelings between those who write slash and those who write het.  I recently dipped into the Criminal Minds fandom and was very surprised by the sheer amount of multishipping there - I'm honestly not sure which pairing has the majority.  Possibly Aaron/Emily or Emily/Jennifer.  (Seriously, I was quite amazed by the amount of femslash - in most fandoms those pairings tend to be shoved up on a metaphorical dusty shelf and barely ever looked at.)

Yeah, that's about all I have to say.  I know that I mostly stick to gen myself because I'm not really a romance fan in general, but when I do read pairings, I'm pretty indiscriminante about them.  I've just been stumbling across this homo- and bi-phobic attitude a lot online lately, and it's really pissing me off.

In the interests of TMI disclosure, I write this as someone who's still not entirely sure whether I identify as bisexual or asexual.  Which doesn't make much sense, I know, but yeah :P
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Right, I'm back at uni now, and should be revising hard, but I'm not yet, because MY FRIDGE IS FULL OF MOULD.  Someone shut the door of it, which I had purposely left open since we have to switch the power off before we leave.

So now I have to clean it, while trying not to be sick.  I HATE mould.


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