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Oops. I lost track of everything happening online. In my defense, I was ill with two different bugs one after the other and then spent a chilled half term with my inlaws in The North, mostly disconnected from the internet. (It was lovely and I actually feel human again now.)

Anyway, I utterly missed the reveals for [community profile] festivids. And had failed to actually upload a signed version of my vid anyway. So here it is, a week late.

My recipient asked me for a Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell vid, preferably about John Childermass. I was very pleased with this, since it's basically the mirror (sorry) vid to the one I made last year about the women :D Maybe next year I'll make one about the actual title characters??

It's six minutes long. I know, I know. But it was really hard to find a fitting song! Then I remembered this one and I loved it, so I just went for it. And actually, I think it's very much the best vid I've made so far. It's also much more haphazard than usual -- in the past I've been obsessively matching every lyric and beat to a clip, but I made a much more meandering thing this time, and I think it worked for the song/theme/atmosphere/whatever. I'm pretty proud of it, anyway. I'd really appreciate you watching!

A Tune Like the End of the World: a John Childermass vid
Song: One More Mazurka by Telling The Bees
for [personal profile] actiaslunaris
CN for mild violence
Thank you [personal profile] sholio for the beta help!

A Tune Like the End of the World from frith_in_thorns on Vimeo.

(You can download from vimeo)
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So I made this Korrasami vid for [personal profile] kaberett as part of the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange! It is genuinely my favourite vid I have made so far, I'm really pleased with it :D

Song: Harbor, by Vienna Teng

Download should work from the vimeo page. The file size is 143 MB.

Korra/Asami - Harbor (A:LoK) from frith_in_thorns on Vimeo.

Sail your sea
Meet your storm
All I want is to be your harbor
The light in me
will guide you home...
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This is the vid I made for [community profile] festivids! It's for [personal profile] marina, who indicated that they would like something lady-centric, and I LOVED making it. Aaaaa I love the characters so much.

I think the show did a fantastic job giving us more of Emma than we had in the book, although I was truly sad that for time-constraint reasons we didn't have quite enough of Arabella and Flora as I would like, particularly Flora. (My main regret for this vid is the general lack of really usable clips for Flora -- she tends to get either terrible lighting or she's mainly speaking, which of course is very important story-wise, but not so great for the sort of vid I was trying to make!)

In general, anyway, I really really loved the show (although still very unimpressed with the short shrift Stephen Black got...). It was gorgeous, eery and menacing, and with this gradually opening up view of magic and Fae. And, well, that's pretty much what I wanted to make a vid about! With these three women who are so central and key to everything that happened. And then the ending, which just has so much resonance for me. But she did not offer to go into the Darkness with him and he did not ask her.

All That's Left Are Your Bones (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) from frith_in_thorns on Vimeo.

Song: Your Bones, by Of Monsters and Men

I hope you enjoy watching my vid as much as I enjoyed making it! You should be able to download the file from vimeo, should you so desire -- let me know if there are any problems.


Jan. 31st, 2016 08:41 pm
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Festivids went live yesterday, and there are lots of really great ones in there. I received a lovely Jupiter Ascending vid focusing on Jupiter, No Gold. Thank you, anon festividder!

As usual, I only know a small minority of the fandoms, and have mostly focused on those in my watching so far. But from them, here's my current rec list!

Planet Earth Love Will Always Win - Adorable vid. Cute baby animals and sweeping vistas, what's not to love?

Black Sails Still Alive - Yes, it's the Portal song. I got bored of the canon somewhere in S1, but this vid makes me laugh. It's great.

Jupiter Ascending Skyfall - A vid that takes full advantage of how beautiful this movie is. Just gorgeous.

Huge Sway - A lovely, gentle vid for Alistair/Athena (that's a name-change, not a ship), all about identity.

Limbo A Forest - Gorgeous and creepy, just like the game.

The Secret Garden Return to/of/from - Sweet and lovely.

Song of the Sea Ready for the Storm - I haven't actually seen this movie (yet), but I think this is actually my favourite vid from this year. Absolutely beautiful.

I made a vid this year too! \o/ If you guess it you may be rewarded with A Thing.
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For [ profile] cienna, Festivids 2013 Original festivids post

Title: Stars
Fandom: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Music: "Stars" by Heather Dale
Length: 02:59
Warnings: None
Beta: [ profile] sholio

Description: The ship is their home.

each night on the ocean's a story to tell )
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I have achieved a fanvid!
Thank you very much to [ profile] sholio, [ profile] helle_d and [ profile] theoret for encouragement!

Title: We Built This (Republic) City
Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Music: "We Built This City" by Starship
Length: 04:52
Warnings: None

Description: Team friendship vid. With a lot of Lin and Korra smashing things.

Don't you remember,
we built this city
on rock and roll...

We Built This (Republic) City - Legend of Korra from frith_in_thorns on Vimeo.

Password: city
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Look, I made a vid! I think I wanted to celebrate the start of Easter Vac by doing something completely different from of my usual time-wasting pursuits. So I've been obsessively making this all day... and now it's 2am. Whoops.

Title: Crashing Down (song by Heather Dale)
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters: Azula (and Zuko), gen
Summary: Azula vid, set to the best villainess song ever.

Like the firebird from the ashes,
we will rise to lead the masses;
the strongest will emerge to wear the crown...

Azula - Crashing Down (A:tLA) from frith_in_thorns on Vimeo.

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