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Moana is amazing, okay. It's a beautiful, visually stunning film about community and responsibilities and mentors and lifting each other up and women supporting each other and no love interest in sight. And the music is great and it feels really culturally respectful and aaaaaah.

SO MANY EMOTIONS. I basically ugly-sobbed through like 80% of it (quietly, because we were in the cinema).

Go and see it. You will not regret it.
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So I finally got to see Star Wars! Ellie and I went with her dad, now that we're up here in The North for Christmas. (There have been three hailstorms so far. The North is a scary place.)

It was WONDERFUL. I have super-enjoyed going back through my flist and reading everyone's reaction posts! As a result, however, I feel I don't have enough new to say to bother making a reaction post of my own :P

Let me talk about the fandom instead! (squee I promise! +spoilers) )
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So my Pacific Rim squee needs its own post. Please do not squee-harsh*; squee-harshing makes me sad.


Things which I loved, in list form: )

Also I now feel I really need all of the crossover fic for every single fandom. Especially Peter as a Marshal and Neal and Diana as Jaeger pilots. (This would be the best and you cannot convince me otherwise.)

*This is not to say we can't talk about how things could be EVEN BETTER, especially in terms of things like diversity and so-forth. I don't count that as squee-harshing. Just for the record.
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So, I went to see The Hunger Games. And I apparently have a lot of Thoughts about it. (ETA: okay, even more than I was expecting :P)

Spoilers, obviously, for both the film and book of THG. There're a couple of references to Catching Fire and Mockingjay, but I don't think they're really spoilerly. )

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