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[ profile] naye asked me to talk about the October Daye book series, by Seanan McGuire.

I have LOTS TO SAY about them.

Spoilers - although I'm trying to persuade people to read the books, so I'm keeping them minor )

In short: Read these books! They're awesome!

The books so far:
Rosemary and Rue
A Local Habitation
An Artificial Night
Late Eclipses
One Salt Sea
Ashes of Honor
Chimes at Midnight
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Bunch of shiny things:

My fandom stocking is up! It is here. If you haven't made one yet, you really should -- this is my favourite holiday thing of all.

I'm actually using my tumblr now, so come friend me. It has... pictures. And stuff. Unoriginally, I'm frith-in-thorns.

Love and Longing by Lysimache. It's f/f and post-book for Jane Austen's Emma and it is beautifully queer you should definitely go read it. (~4k words)

In that vein, here is a very sweet story about human/alien love and also sex toys: Bits by Naomi Kritzer

I have no other things of note at the present time.
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Ulysses Dies At Dawn

Steampunk space-pirate band The Mechanisms ([community profile] the_mechanisms) are crowdfunding for their second album, "Ulysses Dies At Dawn", following the overwhelming success of "Once Upon A Time (In Space)".

In their own words, what's in it for you if you help their efforts:

* A shiny album of dark musical storytelling?
* OK, you're a hard sell. Have a look at the list of perks. There should be something there to tempt you, from our personal remarks on your CD taste to an opportunity to have a small hand in the Mechanisms universe.
* ...We'll give you our eternal gratitude?
* Still no good? I guess you'll just have to move along, then. Sadness.

Seriously, these guys are fantastic musicians, and lovely people. And we need to encourage the musical sagas about Queer People In Space...
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Look at this! :D [ profile] kanarek13 made this adorable, adorable art of Neal and Vivien.


*stares, mesmerised by the PRETTEH*


Sep. 1st, 2012 02:52 pm
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[ profile] moonlit-dreamer/[personal profile] analisegrey has done an absolutely beautiful painting of Kate from my fic Someone Watching Over You. Go look, because it is gorgeous.

*bounces up and down delightedly*
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I'm in Bristol this week, which is nice and relaxing. I'm beginning to read my way through the Vorkosigan books (part-way through the second now -- I love Cordelia a lot) and playing Skyrim. I can do both these things while working on the embroidery I'm doing, so I can feel productive.

I should probably be writing, but have the slight snag that I left my pen-drive with my Scrivener file on my desk. Where, you know, I had all my plans and prompts and suchlike. Annoying, especially as I think I'm supposed to produce actual plot for the [ profile] whitecollarhc and the [ profile] wcpairings challenges.

I want to rec these two fan-made versions of Rue's Lullaby and The Hanging Tree, from the Hunger Games books (no plot spoilers, although there may be in the vid comments). They're beautiful, and I've had them on repeat all evening.

fic rec

May. 9th, 2012 11:14 pm
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Title: you shine in love you are born annointed
Author: [ profile] loneraven
Fandom: A Game of Thrones/ASoIaF (no spoilers)
Characters: The Stark family, Robert; Gen.
Word count: 4000
Summary: "Your net contribution to the world, Eddard Stark, is sitting out there in lawn chairs playing Clue and drinking bad Riesling."

This is a wonderful, wonderful AU retelling of the beginning of A Game of Thrones, and beautifully written. I want Raven to rewrite the whole canon, honestly. (Also, I dare anyone not to love her Arya.)

[ profile] loneraven's description: "My fannish engagement with [Game of Thrones] probably goes like this AU where Ned Stark is married to his gorgeous South Asian wife Catelyn, who worships different gods to him, and they've got one kid who's a fashion designer and another who's a disability activist who yells at the TSA a lot, and Ned is an unwilling transplant into politics from the simple academic life even if it is really fucking cold up north."

(they don't go in much for security theatre up here)
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Legend of Korra: Masks on Empty Faces by [ profile] loquaciousquark (Gen, 1200 words)
The boy has a different name for it, but Koh knows the place where Truth begins.

This is a possible origin story for Amon, and it's gorgeous. Probably useful to have background knowledge of Koh from AtLA, but I'd recommend it even if you don't.

The Hunger Games: There's Another River on the Other Side by [ profile] Mithrigil (Gen, 10,000 words, Warning for graphic violence)
District 11 wins the 74th Games. The rest is history.

spoiler or warning hereThis is an AU where Katniss dies instead of Rue, and goes on from there. It's beautiful. I adore how Rue is characterised here, and how all the consequences play out.


I had a good May Morning. A bunch of us from Tolksoc stayed up all night in Helen's room. There was food and good company, (and, surprisingly, no one banned me and [ profile] helle_d from talking about fandom at great length...) and J showed up around 5 incredibly drunk to provide more entertainment. Then we watched the choir sing from the top of Magdalen Tower in the rain to welcome in summer, and went out for breakfast. We also went to find morris dancers first, because J told us earnestly (in a 'pirate' accent) that ze didn't believe in them. Then I went to sleep all day. That was fun.

Oh, semi-relatedly, Helen is now planning on actually using her LJ account, [ profile] of_a_thousand. If you're from Tolksoc or otherwise know her, add her! *Pokes her to write posts*
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So, you know when you're hanging out in a coffee shop with a friend and fangirling over The Hunger Games, and laughing at Seneca Crane's beard and how it's apparently now a tumblr meme, and then you say "Hey, I bet Matt Bomer could pull off that beard"? And then she goes away and actually photoshops that?

[ profile] theoret, I really love you.


Edit: Whoops, meant to add link to tumblr source.
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+ The White Collar season finale was wonderful. I don't think I have anything new to say about it that other people haven't said in their reaction posts, but I loved it. Now I basically want to write (and read!) all the tags ever.

+ Sort of related to the above: Currently I have three fics which are finished bar a final scene. (And yes, they all feature hurt!Neal. Predictibility, I has it.) I'm so bad at coming up with the comfort, it's hilarious. Or, you know, resolution. :P But it's rather bad form to just end on "and then they got to safety" every time, I feel. I'm not looking for validation or anything here, just venting!

+ I'm planning out my entry to the [community profile] casestory fest/bang at the moment. It's a White Collar/Criminal Minds crossover (well, mostly WC with some CM characters, really), and it has plot and h/c (for several characters) and also Diana/Garcia as a ship. I'm a little worried in case only me and [personal profile] helle think this is plausable, opinions, flist? Since I'm me there will probably be way more build-up and friendship that actual romance :P

+ A rec! For Sherlock, and especially for anyone else who is really frustrated at the continual terrible treatment of Molly. An Avalanche of Detour Signs by gyzym (on AO3). In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order. It's 56000 words long, eventual Molly/Lestrade, and it's really wonderful.

+ Oh yes, I'm also way behind on replying to comments/commenting on things. Apologies. I'll try and catch up soon. For some reason my brain has decided that the appropriate reaction to lack of thesis-panic is sliding into depression again. Not cool, brain. Not cool. Anyway, if I'm being kind of weird(er than usual) at the moment, that may be your explaination. :P

+ I should probably try and finish on a happier note. So, today's a softer world, for your viewing pleasure. Just goes to show, Cthulhu is relevant to everything.
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Everyone should still go and play on a softer meme, it's getting some great prompts and fills. (And I now have a word doc full of all my favourite quotes from ASW, which I can read at any time and become happy/sad/disturbed!)

Rec from there: all art is quite useless, by [personal profile] postcardmystery. White Collar, Neal, gen, PG.
Fantastic character study. Prompt: "I'm worried that if they ever make a movie about my life, the tagline will be 'get him.'"

Also, I wrote a (very quick) fill! Um, for my own prompt. Posted here and under the cut below. Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth, gen, PG.
Prompt: when we die we come back different, like, with greener eyes, or as some far off star (you'll be someone you wouldn't understand)

some far off star )

- o -
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(via [ profile] friendshipper )

[ profile] thingswithwings  has made a video about MANPAIN in various fandoms, and has written an awesome meta to go with it. Definitely worth reading and watching. (I read the meta before seeing the video, and think it worked best that way around, but could be just me :P)

[ profile] proskynesis , I think this will be particularly relavant to your interests.

Ctrl+Enter to post
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- [ profile] friendshipper  wrote me a fic for avatar_minis on DW!  It's really awesome and lovely and adorable, so you should check it out.
The Art of Tea and Conversation (on DW) and on Livejournal

- [ profile] schneefink  drew a picture for my chronically-unfinished sky pirate AU!  Go check that out too, because I love it.

- I'm off to Spain tomorrow with Esvan and his parents for a week, so will probably have no internet at all during that time.  Actually, no internet has almost become normal for me, that's a worrying thought!

- I need to tell you all about my EPIC CANOE ADVENTURE with [ profile] baby_werewolf , but that'll have to wait until I'm back from Spain because I'm lazy.

- I plan to do lots of writing during this week.  And crochet.  It might even happen.

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