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I finished the shawl I was complaining about the other day. I'm still not sure about it, but I do realise I'm biased from how much I hated making this pattern. Most lace patterns just fly off my needles, but this one was horrible. Mostly because of the amount of 3-into-2 stitches, which were incredibly tedious.


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So I've been super ill lately -- I mean, this year I seem to have been fairly constantly ill with various colds, which I was warned about as part of the joy of a baby teacher's life, but fever-over-40 ill was different and fun. Anyway, I haven't kept up with Monday and Wednesday posts.

At the moment: well, I've made the top half of a jumper in 4ply and I don't like it. Currently it's hibernating while Ellie tries to talk me round, but I probably will rip it back. I don't think the yarn suits it and I should reknit it in a semi-solid rather than variegated colourway.

Also I am trying to resize a pair of scale-mail knitted gloves for M. This is hugely annoying and going badly.

Also I am making a pair of knee-high socks with lace up the back! These are actually going well, but since I haven't quite finished the first one (I'm on the cuff though) and it's in dark blue, it doesn't photograph well. I'll wait til I've finished the pair and get someone to photo me wearing them.

So here is a picture of the lace-weight shawl I made just before Christmas! I'm hugely pleased with this. It's gigantic and really beautiful. Pattern is Samarkand Nightmarket, and I recommend you click through to the pattern page to see what it looks like spread out! (Also, boggle below at how badly my phone captures the colour on the close-up! The main pic is from a friend's phone and the colour is pretty much spot on.)

I have another shawl I want to start soon, and one which I am going to have to redo because of the incompetence of the yarn-seller (long story, when I can be bothered I will type it up). And then I need to knit my mum a birthday present. Lots of fun projects!
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I saw someone suggest this last week (I can't remember who; sorry friend I'm plagerising!) and I thought it sounded like a great idea to show off! My phone camera is a bit rubbish so I'm using a filter to try and make the colours as close as possible to how they actually look. This didn't work terribly well on the first picture, but the second two came out okay.

What I've just finished this evening is a teacosy knit in stranded 4ply fair-isle. The pattern is Osaka Teacosy from Jameson & Smith yarns. (Sadly it's a paper-book-only pattern. Possibly it's the only pattern anyone buys that book for. I certainly can't help but laugh hysterically at the 4ply fair-isle jumper dress, who has that much time in their entire life?) I actually have an entire bag of J&S yarn in various colours which I use purely for this teacosy pattern, as I really love it and it's such a great gift! Lots of my relatives have one now, and this one is for a very good friend.

Construction details and more pictures )
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This is a fun thing to make but has too much sewing imo. (There's a reason all the jumpers and cardigans I make are seamless.) This one was a present but I may make one for myself eventually.

Evenstar wedding shawl for my fiancee:

(My matching one in rust-orange is on my needles -- I'm about to start the perpendicular outside border section.)
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Some knitting photos from this summer. I always mean to make these posts more regularly! I've also been making various small things for people, including lots of baby clothes for my tiny new cousin. Those are less interesting photos, though, so here are three recent shawls.

Volcano shawl. My new love is gradient yarn. I bought this yarn from Wollelfe (they're in Austria) and found a pattern to go with it. Pattern is Lightning Thief.

Eleanor's birthday shawl. I can't remember what sort of yarn this was now. Pattern is Mayan Garden.

Rainbow dragon shawl. Made entirely from small bundles of 4ply wool I found in a basket in a charity shop. I still have a lot left over for future rainbow projects! Pattern is Sea Dragon.

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Wow I am so tired how do I even internet. But tomorrow is the last day of term! I feel like singing ONE DAY MORE over and over except I literally have no idea of any of the other words or tune and the only reason I even know it exists is because my wife-to-be is sadly obsessed with Les Mis and reads all the weird AUs and tells me about them in detail.

You can tell I'm really tired, can't you.

I am obvs SO behind on the talky meme, but will hopefully be able to catch up, or at least keep going! I will just keep working through topics until I'm done.

Also I haven't written my Yuletide fic yet -- I'm still frantically re-reading the canon. I don't know why I said I could write for a hard sci fi canon with literally a million characters and also I forgot which book the requested character was in so I read the WRONG book. I'm so cool.

Also! My fandom stocking is here. I love fandomstocking! It's my favourite winter internet thing :D As soon as TERM ENDS and my life quietens down or at least contains 95% less small children (I've just come from our Brownie Christmas party, and they're DONE until January too). I do love all my small children, but SO EXHAUSTING.

Also also. CHRISTMAS KNITTING. This is another reason I haven't written the meme post about current projects. NO TIME, MUST KNIT.

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