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Frith ([personal profile] frith_in_thorns) wrote2016-10-24 01:54 pm
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Festivids letter

Hello festividder! Thank you so much for making a vid for me! You're obviously super cool if you're into one of my tiny fandoms *gg*

In terms of music taste, I'm into songs with nice lyrics. I don't really understand music genres, but artists I really like include Of Monsters And Men, The Decemberists, Vienna Teng, Heather Dale. I'm not really a fan of "comedy" songs.

In terms of vid stuff, I'm not a fan of vids with dialogue clips sprinkled in, or really blinky special effects.

Blue Planet / Shark

Sharks are amazing. I mean, other fish are pretty good, but sharks are the best fish. I'd love something really gentle and graceful about them.

Eternal Law

My angel babies and their dysfunctional family! I love everything about them.

Fallen London / Sunless Sea

I love the dark atmosphere of these games, and the sense of location. I'd really love a vid just showing the breadth of the world, rather than trying to follow any particular plotline. (If it's helpful to know, thematically, I adored the SS trailer and watched it a huge amount of times.)

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

This was a great adaptation of the book! I was particularly attached to Emma Pole in the show, so I would love a vid about her. Or really about any of the characters, although I have to admit to Norrell being low on my list of ones to focus on! I'd also love an ensemble one just showing them all, and the gradually opening world of Faerie.

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

This is such a sweet, beautiful, playful game and I'd love a vid that showed that! I adore the spirits, and the walking trees, and the whale, and the Northern Lights...

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