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Sunless Sea is out of beta and is fully released! You guys, it is so good.

You may have heard of Fallen London, possibly through the bizarre crossover fic series [personal profile] sholio and I have been writing. Sunless Sea is a "proper" computer game, set in the same universe, in which you captain a ship and sail out into the darkness of the Unterzee to explore. You can find treasure, yes, but what you mostly find are words. Delicious, delicious storytelling. This isn't a game which needs "gaming" skills. It's for people who love absolutely immersing themselves into worldbuilding.

Eurogamer gave it 10/10. They also have a really good description of the game, much better than one I'd write.

It's the 1800s and London has fallen into the ground. As the soil overhead closed (Essex: meet Surrey), a twilight and subterranean archipelago landed a mile below. Here in the luminous ocean, known as the Unterzee, the map is unfamiliar. Gone are London's boroughs, replaced by islands that go by new names. Some are archaic: Pickett's Bluff, Watchmaker's Hill, Lick-a-Monkey Crag. Some are futuristic: Station III, Codex. Others are just playfully wistful: Low Barnet.

You'll want to visit them all, you and your crew. Regardless of whether you're in the business of trading goods, stories, or blows, your livelihood depends upon travel. Indeed, while the geography surrounding Fallen London is unfamiliar, the question that greets you here is common to all who come to the city: where are you headed?

And one thing about the game: You die. A lot. This isn't a save-and-repeat game; it's a die and pass your legacy to the next captain game. Maybe in your next incarnation you'll learn you really should stay clear of the Dawn Machine*. (Probably you won't, though.)

People who've played, share your favourite deaths in comments! Or, uh, even if you haven't, try leaving fic prompts for me (and sholio)!

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Random 2 a.m. musings about Dragon Age: Origins, which I've been playing through again instead of editing my big bang. Steam tells me I just hit 300 hours logged in this game. Oh my god.

Spoilers, mostly about Alistair )

Your takeaway message: I am using too much logic here and am also now wondering whether Grey Wardens are ever made via STIs. I bet there's fic of it.
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I have decided it is close enough to Christmas to make mince pies, so I made quite a lot today. I have bought more pastry cutters since last year, so they have leaves on rather than sharks. (I would really like dinosaur mince pies, but alas have found no dinosaur cutters small enough.)

This hasn't been a productive weekend (unless you count the mince pies), but it's been fun, and has involved a lot of Mass Effect 3. Also I finished reading Paladin of Souls and my love for Ista is huge. She is so awesome. ♥ [ profile] helle_d and I have been trading off on books to read, so while I've been getting through Chalion she's been reading Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy (which Mark of Mark Reads is also reading right now, I believe), and to my delight she has been enjoying it. More people should read these books!

I've fallen off with my writing the past few days, though. I'm not feeling all that inspired, argh. It's annoying. I want to wriiiiiiite!
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I'm in Bristol this week, which is nice and relaxing. I'm beginning to read my way through the Vorkosigan books (part-way through the second now -- I love Cordelia a lot) and playing Skyrim. I can do both these things while working on the embroidery I'm doing, so I can feel productive.

I should probably be writing, but have the slight snag that I left my pen-drive with my Scrivener file on my desk. Where, you know, I had all my plans and prompts and suchlike. Annoying, especially as I think I'm supposed to produce actual plot for the [ profile] whitecollarhc and the [ profile] wcpairings challenges.

I want to rec these two fan-made versions of Rue's Lullaby and The Hanging Tree, from the Hunger Games books (no plot spoilers, although there may be in the vid comments). They're beautiful, and I've had them on repeat all evening.
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I celebrated doing my viva by tidying my room. It's now immaculate. (Everyone who's ever been in my room is laughing/unbelieving right now, I know.) There's so much floor! Fran came into my room to ask me something and was literally stopped speechless.

It apparently amuses a lot of people how I'm obsessive about keeping kitchens clean and orderly, but happily live in rooms with clothes and paper all over the floor. SO MUCH PAPER.


I've finally begun uploading my backlog of fic onto AO3. Because I don't want to annoy everyone by spamming, I decided to do two stories a day. This has already become "two stories on days when I remember". My organisational skills, let me show them to you. Okay, since I've just told you how I filed two terms' worth of lecture handouts on my bedroom floor, this probably isn't a surprise.


Last night, for reasons which are beyond me, I made a spreadsheet of all the goods I own in Echo Bazaar and calculated out their values. Conclusion: I can comfortably afford an Overgoat. But I'd have to sell lots and lots of stuff to do that. I have an unreasonable attachment to stuff (even virtual stuff), so this is a Difficult Decision. I mean, I'm already sad that I can't have my Bifurcated Owl and Unfinished Hat equipped as pets at the same time. I kind of want them to both ride around on my Bengal Tigress.


Celia Bowen sits at a desk surrounded by piles of books. She ran out of space for her library some time ago, but instead of making the room larger she has opted to let the books become the room. Piles of them function as tables, others hang suspended from the ceiling, along with large golden cages holding several live white doves.

- Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

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Oh wow, I have totally been neglecting LJ/DW this week apart from to throw protest photos at you and run away again. I'm really sorry to everyone who's only just getting comment replies -- I love love love comments but I can be really terrible at answering them quickly.

Mostly, there's been this magical thing called sunshine! I have been sitting out in it and writing my epic White Collar post-finale fic of DOOM. Okay, when I say epic I mean just under 11,000 words, which isn't that epic, but it's by far the longest thing I've written in literally years so I feel accomplished. Um, I was going to beg for someone to beta-read it for me, but given I'm going to Cornwall on Saturday morning so want to post it Friday night, (I'll have internet access there, but sporadically) I may have left that a bit late.


In non-fandom stuff, I, as usual, haven't done much :P Started a tabletop Trail Of Cthulhu game tonight with a few friends, GM'd by Fran. We survived a train crash, had a protracted argument about whether the cliffs of Dover have a lighthouse on (Tim triumphantly found via google that they Roman times), and discovered that everyone else in England appears to have been killed by mysterious plants. Also Claire and I not-entirely-seriously pushed to split the party - as a racing pilot and an Oxford don we reckon we have a better chance of survival if we ditch the crazy priest and the incredibly unhinged artist. GM denied this request.


I have also seen films. The Hunger Games, which I really want to devote an entire post to talking about, and The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel. All I can say about that one is go and watch it, it is fantastic. It has the always, always wonderful and adorable Dev Patel, and also Maggie Smith and Judi Dench and Penelope Wilson and Bill Nighy. Go and see it, seriously.


Oh, on the subject of things you should see: Hoarders: Skyrim edition. Dead now.
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Sooo, Mass Effect 3 is coming out this week! Sadly I have to wait until Friday, because US game distributors hate Europe or something.

HOWEVER. Bioware have actually made a trailer for FemShepard this time! (Which is especially nice given that they spent the first two games not acknowledging you could play as a woman, but that's a general problem with video games.) And the trailer itself is pretty amazing. I mean, it looks like a film trailer. The graphics, oh my heart. ♥♥♥

I basically think everyone should watch this trailer (If you like action, and AWESOME FEMSHEP KILLING ALIEN!ZOMBIES that is!) :D It's not got an embed link, so go and watch it at EW in fullscreen.

I love Shep already. Guess what I'm going to be spending my entire weekend doing! :D




Jul. 8th, 2010 01:05 am
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So I'm heading off to a 5 day LAN party tomorrow with about 50 other people (mostly guys).  Because it's the 5th LAN organised by these people I was commissioned to make some "fancy-looking" cakes to celebrate, in return for a £5 discount.  I've spent most of today (I'm not kidding - about 10 hours) in the kitchen making them, and right now I think I might "suggest" that I get a discount to the next one too, because methinks Shazz has no idea how much work baking and decorating cakes is, even amateur ones.  And right now I'm very tired.

Anyway, the cakes!  Top one's vanilla sponge with raspberry jam filling and bottom one's chocolate with chocolate butter icing filling.  The design is based on the game Team Fortress 2, which is the general favourite at these particular LANs.  It's a shooter with loads of classes which are recognisable in silhouette form, so I went about recreating that.  Character choices on the cakes are not arbitary, but contain too many in-jokes for me to bother explaining. Decoration is all fondant icing, apart from the slightly wonky piping which was butter icing, and they're each sitting on a standard size baking tray, to give some idea of size.  They're also higher than they look here, and the glaze is still drying, so they do look better when not camera-flash illuminated!

Just hoping that people like them when I get them there tomorrow!
The cakes... )
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Guys.  Guys.  I have OVER 9000 words of my big bang story written now!

...yeah, I'm so mature.  What, you'd noticed?

In other news, I have done nothing produtive in the last 24 hours since I started playing Dragon Age, which was a really stupid thing to do during Trinity term, but it's an awesome game.  I still prefer FPSs, but RPGs are growing on me.  I do wish I could isolate 'real life' feelings and 'game feelings' though - I feel ridiculously guilty at the idea of not giving the politist answer possible in all circumstances, and for asking for rewards for doing side-quests.  Also I *really* want Morrigan to like me, 'cos she's awesome, but she doesn't like it when I'm nice to people and do aforesaid ridiculous side-quests like getting a child out of a hiding place or whatever.  I'm not cool enough for a fictional character.  T_T

ETA:  Also, there is a distinct lack of dragons so far...

Bioshock 2

Mar. 30th, 2010 09:03 pm
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Everyone should go and play Bioshock 2 right now.  Unless you haven't played Bioshock, because you should really play that one first.  I've been playing it for the last two days, and it was really worth me restraining myself from playing it during the last couple of weeks of term, because I didn't want to stop at all.  (I was, however, forced to at intervals by such events as needing food, needing sleep, and the computer crashing.)  It's extremely immersive.  I was so immersed that it was only when the computer crashed that I realised I hadn't thought about such things as actually saving the game for the previous hour.

And creepy.  I mean, the concept of a city called Rapture at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is creepy enough, but it gets better.
Major spoilers here... )

This may be my new favourite game.

And then I went looking for Bioshock comms, and found an anon/RP meme comm.  I have not seen this much distilled crack in one place, ever.

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