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1. Your main fandom of the year?

I haven't really done fandom as such. I think Star Wars and Star Trek between them have taken the majority of my actively-thinking-about-fandoms time.

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

For once this is a hard question because I've actually seen quite a few films, way more than usual! But I think it has to be Moana, which was glorious.

3. Your favourite book read this year?

I loved The Fifth Season, rather to my surprise, and the sequel. (I had not got on with Jemisen's books previously.) Also Ninefox Gambit was really good. I read lots more that were really good too.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

Star Trek DS9! I finally got around to watching it, after a long time of certain friends talking about it incessently, and it deserved the hype :)

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

Twitter and the lovely crowd there, aka the Julian Bashir Face Appreciation Society.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

DS9! It was SO GOOD and everyone in it is SO GREAT.

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

I hated the new Newsflesh book, which was a real shame. Also hated how tumblr fandom fell into Bernie-cult.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

Julian Bashir, who is a darling.

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

Jadzia Dax :D

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Finally getting Goldenhand, the Old Kingdom follow-up for Lireal, was wonderful!

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?

I don't really miss any fandom in particular anymore, but I do still really miss just being in a fandom -- just the socialness of it and the endless positive feedback loop that being a minor BNF ficwriter always gave me. (I know it's terribly gauche to admit, but I write so intensly for readers that even when I was churning out fic like 50% of it was directly from prompts that other people asked me to write, and the rest of it was written directly from me to my friends because I knew they'd like it. It's hard to describe, but I really fic-write as conversation. And without that, most of the drive is just... not really there.)

12. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

Not sure. I always feel I should try getting more into book fandoms, but I am just not so keen on reading fic about books. There's a sort of uncanny valley for me in regards to the authorial voice.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Mass Effect Andromeda and Sunless Skies! Also the next Star Wars. And Jemisen's next book. And more Toby Daye.
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So I finally got to see Star Wars! Ellie and I went with her dad, now that we're up here in The North for Christmas. (There have been three hailstorms so far. The North is a scary place.)

It was WONDERFUL. I have super-enjoyed going back through my flist and reading everyone's reaction posts! As a result, however, I feel I don't have enough new to say to bother making a reaction post of my own :P

Let me talk about the fandom instead! (squee I promise! +spoilers) )
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(I am quite bad lately for writing out a post and forgetting to actually hit the button to post it until the next morning!)

So fandom_stockings have been revealed, and mine is awesome. So many lovely graphics and fic! Thank you all so very much! Seriously, I really really really love everything that I received, and I feel so incredibly lucky and loved. ♥

This was my first year participating in this, and it was a huge amount of fun. And somehow I ended up writing a final count of thirteen fics XD (Although I still wanted to have written more, ngl!) I'll be posting them here spread out a bit, so as not to just spam everyone.

Again, thank you ♥
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End of year meme: Fandom Edition!

I am talkative this evening. )
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So, you know when you're hanging out in a coffee shop with a friend and fangirling over The Hunger Games, and laughing at Seneca Crane's beard and how it's apparently now a tumblr meme, and then you say "Hey, I bet Matt Bomer could pull off that beard"? And then she goes away and actually photoshops that?

[ profile] theoret, I really love you.


Edit: Whoops, meant to add link to tumblr source.
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I have nothing interesting to tell you today, sorry. I'm just playing with a meme instead, stolen from [ profile] rabidchild67.

Give me a prompt, and I will write a drabble for it. Provide pairing or central character, a scenario or starting line, and I shall give you WORDS! Because this seems totally more productive than poking one of the other things I've started and got stuck on. Or writing depressed!Neal.

So anyway, just prompt me. I'll actually try writing pretty much anything, even if it's something I don't usually write.

Fandoms: White Collar, Eternal Law, SGA, AtLA, Discworld (minus the wizard books), Hunger Games, NY, Criminal Minds, other things you know I like but I've forgotten to list
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(Please aid my procrastination. I am so bored and my writing is coming out all wrong.)

Meme, copied from [personal profile] astridv:

Name a fandom you know (that you think I know too!) and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer
6. The character I would totally smooch
7. The character I’d want to be like
8. The character I’d slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
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Things which have happened today:

I got turned down from TeachFirst, which rather sucks, and justifies my guess that the interviews at the assesment centre didn't go that great. Ah well. I'm surprisingly not upset, actually - there are enough routes into teaching that I'm sure I'll be fine. And it's an incredibly high-pressured course, so maybe it's for the best.

This morning I accidently went to a lecture I shouldn't have gone to, because it was a genetics module I'm not taking. I have no idea why I wrote it down on my timetable. But when I realised I thought it would be rude if I just walked out, so I listened and made notes anyway. IDEK.

Oh, and I wrote a thing - well, actually I wrote and posted it in the break between that lecture and the ones I was actually supposed to go to! I woke up this morning and there was a prompt on whitecollarhc for "Peter and Neal are trapped in a dessert" and my brain started throwing bad puns at me. So, here is my attempt to cram as many of those terrible puns as possible into about 300 words. Again, IDEK. It's just been that sort of day. XD

Also, while I'm here: is there actually a consensus on how Diana's surname is spelled? Because I've seen about three different spellings being used, each by multiple authors. (This is not as bad as a brief period in the CSI:NY fandom where the actual show couldn't decide whether a recurring character was called Jennifer or Jessica for quite a long time, and her name kept changing between episodes. That was fun.)
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It's the time for end-of-year memes. This is a fandom one I copied from [personal profile] astridv .

Read more... )
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White Collar has eaten my braaaain. And the fandom for it is awesome. I'm still writing plotless h/c, but I like plotless h/c.

Girlfriend is coming up to stay tomorrow! This will be lovely (esp. since the house is emptying) and we can wander around Oxford and pretend next term is a long time away. And possibly find better places for dates than the zoology department cafe (although they sell hot drinks in mugs for 30p, which definitely makes up for its other shortcomings).

On that note, I asked her what she'd like me to cook for her, and she said aubergines. Does anyone know any good recipies which involve aubergines (and hopefully don't make them come out too slimy)?

Shark pies, crochet project of DOOM, and Something Hilarious From Japan )
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So, I just watched all of White Collar in four days. Alledgedly.

(This was totally Pink!Eleanor's fault, but I suppose it's fair payback for getting her obsessed with Criminal Minds.)

I think I need to catch up on my sleep now.

Can anyone rec me where the good fic is? Particularly Neal h/c? I'm already planning to read everything [ profile] sholio's written for the fandom...
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Tomorrow is my LAST DAY at the primary school. This makes me really sad - I've fallen in love with the little year 1s (ages 5 and 6 for those outside the UK) who mispronounce my name and demand unceasing attention. They are the cutest things ever, seriously. To give some examples from the past few days: we had a discussion about what they want to do when they grow up and one of them wants to be Godzilla. I'm not exaggarating. Also, this exchange outside when they were playing with the sand:

Little Girl: Miss, my daddy might walk along the path past the playground. Can you tell me if he does?
Me: Um, sweetie, I don't know what your daddy looks like!
LG: *stares beseechingly* I think he might be wearing a black t-shirt.
Me: ...Okay, if I see your daddy I'll tell you.
LG: *beams and wanders off*

Aside from the children, both the teachers who I've been assisting have been wonderfully lovely in putting up with me and answering endless questions about teaching. Later I'll be making them chocolate brownies as a thank-you present, which I hope will go down well!

I can't be all sad about the end of term, though, because it gives me the chance to have a week's holiday in Cornwall staying at the cottage by the sea of the lovely lily_moonlight before I go back to Oxford. Going by past experience this will be a week of being over-excited about fandoms, which is always welcome!

Speaking of fandoms, I can't find a fandom for Iain M. Banks's Culture novels, which makes me sad :( Does anyone know of one? The only related comms I can find are completely dead. I'm also really getting into the show ReGenesis (biology! genetics! biotec! SCIENCE THAT IS ACCURATE AND REALISTIC!), anyone happen to know anything about a fandom for that?

On a more guilty note, I've only so far read ONE of the fics from [ profile] sga_genficathon , which is pretty terrible going. But I've written about a third of my telyafen story, so I may actually get a submission into a fest for the first time this year. Ahem, make that academic year. Yup.

Lastly, thank you to [ profile] treacle_tartlet  for the chocolate vgift! That made me very happy :)
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(via [ profile] friendshipper )

[ profile] thingswithwings  has made a video about MANPAIN in various fandoms, and has written an awesome meta to go with it. Definitely worth reading and watching. (I read the meta before seeing the video, and think it worked best that way around, but could be just me :P)

[ profile] proskynesis , I think this will be particularly relavant to your interests.

Ctrl+Enter to post
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I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, for the first time, thanks to the encouragement of some of my friends. I'll be doing it as a 'rebel', though, where the goal is to write, rather than a 50,000 word story, 50,000 words of anything. Here is my profile.

Or, in other words, this is where I offload all the fannish commitments I can, since definite daily word count + deadlines = many stories produced! (Hopefully.) So, these are what I'm planning so far:

[ profile] sga_santa 
Got my assignment - it's a nice one. No ideas as of yet, but hopefully at least one will show up! Min 1000 words.

[ profile] holmestice 
Got my assignment - it consists of pretty much a pairing only, which I guess gives me free rein to write anything I want as a plotline? Min 1000 words.

[ profile] polyship 
I'm still filling out my sign-up form, no idea what I'll be asked to write. Min 500 words, max 3,500.

[ profile] apocabigbang probably a bad idea, but, but, apocalypse fic! It's so hard to resist! And it's a pretty short Big Bang, at min 10,000 words. I haven't signed up to it yet, but I'm quite likely to. I just need to pick a fandom. I'm stuck between Sherlock and Sanctuary. SGA could be interesting. Some part of me wants to do AtLA, but it would feel just too cruel!
Also it has pretty banners.

Anything else I should be doing? *gg*
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--  Someone I know from the CSI:NY fandom came to stay with me over the weekend, which was very nice, since my parents are on holiday so I've got the house to myself (with my sister in occasionally, but she's usually out). I had fun showing her some of Herefordshire, and we took part in the Malverns By Moonlight walk for Macmillian - there were several hundred women walking along Malvern ridge in the dark, and it was really cool to be part of that. I can't remember the distance in miles, but it took us about two and a half hours. We didn't bring torches because I couldn't find them, but other people had them around us, and there was also an incredibly bright full moon.

--  I aquired and watched the pilot episode for Sherlock. It was pretty interesting just for seeing the difference between a pilot and a finished product - even little things like music which you don't often notice, but makes a startling difference when there's only some very generic bits to highlight especially dramatic scenes. Sally was better in the show (and Anthea wasn't in the pilot at all), so maybe they'll contine with the upward trend in the next season. Interestingly the case was solved by Sherlock much faster, right when he's first making his "who hunts in the middle of a crowd?" speech - but of course that cut loads of the drama (although I think most of the audience guessed then too). They also cut out a bucketful of Sherlock h/c from the script, sadly.

--  I've heard some things about Bones. I'm very glad I stopped watching it last season. Same with House, and CSI:NY. The last, especially. You fire your leading lady during the break for not sitting back and taking a pay cut while none of the men were being asked to, and then don't even give her a goodbye episode, or any real mention at all? Really, CBS???

--  (**CSI spoiler**)  Why is it that leading characters on US television seem to be mortally afraid of taking painkillers even when, say, they're in the hospital having lost a kidney after being stabbed repeatedly by a psychopath using a pair of broken glasses??? I know Drugs Are Bad, yadda yadda, but so is pain imho.

--  I'm trying to decide whether and how many Christmas fic exchanges to sign up to. Since at the moment I seem incapable of writing unless I have either/or a very strict prompt or a very strict deadline, it seems to me to be a good idea (I'm looking at [ profile] sga_santa , [ profile] holmestice , and yuletide). So I should think about what to put in the forms, which always confuses me. I mean, in eg SGA I'll pretty much write any pairing, but my pairing-fic always seems to end up as Gen-With-Cuddles (and h/c if I'm allowed). So I feel that I can't offer to write pairings because people then probably want some relationships in which the characters don't basically act as if they're asexual. I'm just not at all sure how I would go about writing 'normal' relationships - I'm wary of writing characters feeling certain ways when I'm only guessing based on other stories I've read or something. Or maybe I need a firm kick to get me out of my comfort zone. I need to think about this.

--  Stargate Universe starts again tomorrow! Many of you may not be, but I at least am very much looking forward to it :P Bets being taken now on who's dead...
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This is what you need to build an Isengard:

1 quantity of gingerbread (the sort I use to make gingerbread houses at Christmas)
2 bags of Bassetts jelly babies
1 big box of Cadburys chocolate fingers (three trays of them)
2 packs of Flake bars (4 bars in each pack)
1 packet of Tesco Value 'flake and rasin chocolate clusters'
1 packet of Tesco Value dolly mix
1 paket of Haribo super mix (although we ended up eating this all before we started)
Cocktail sticks
Butter icing
A large table

You also need a friend who's as obsessed with Tolkien as you are, and therefore will back you up in your excellent idea. I used [ profile] unbrokenwings91  (who I shall just call Zanna for the rest of this entry, since it's much quicker to type).

Build Isengard. Then takes lots of photos.  Zanna is much better at taking photos than I am, which is why I am in more of them (I'm the one in the purple t-shirt). Also, none of the blurry ones are hers ;)

A little preview of the finished masterpiece!


Now follow the cut for many more (and better) photos, and commentry :)
Warning: Very, very image heavy! )
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I actually feel much better about this show since discovering one particular corner of the fandom. Well, not about the fail, but about everything as a whole, if you know what I mean. [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic  is a kink meme where the actual kink is vastly outweighed by the h/c and the crack, and people are actually writing the female characters, and going 'what if this male character was a female' and random descents into roleplay, and pointing out the fail instead of brushing it under the rug (SGA fandom, I'm looking at you). Really, finding that this bit of the fandom at least does not consist of fail has made me happy. It's also made me write things.

Several things seem to be passing into fanon very quickly. Specifically, many many references to losing the game, and Anderson having a dinosaur fetish. Yeah, I have no idea...

(Also, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on peoples' posts much. Will get round to that at some point. RL stuff on at the moment.)
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I signed up for [ profile] hc_bingo (which is like [ profile] cliche_bingo , except that all of the cliches are hc ones!).  I have no willpower.  And there's something strangely attractive about just getting to write really gratuitous hc ficlets (min. word count is 500), so I shall probably be spamming my flist with them and making the characters excessivly woobified.  Because it's FUN.

I blame[ profile] friendshipper. Anyway, here's my table: )
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(I had a dream last night that I asked one of my old English teachers this question, and she shouted at me and told me that I was wrong.  You guys'll tell me whether to listen to her, won't you? *g*)

This is about my sky pirate AU, which is now quite a way through the planning stages, and which I shall start writing next week during a terrible period of having no internet connection.  (I'll also be skiing, but it's the lack of internet I'm currently dwelling on...)

Basically, since it's an AU, the characters won't be American/Canadian.  So would I be able to use British English instead of American?  This is because steam/clock-punk is heavily based on Victorian England anyway, and there are probably a hundred little words about sailing ships that are different in the two dialects, and they're wearing trousers and waistcoats and braces, and also I still can't take the word 'pants' very seriously.  So unless anyone tells me I'm not allowed to, I probably will use BrEn in this.  Opinions, plz?

And now a writing meme, which I stole from [ profile] teh_elb :

Tell me about a story I never wrote, (eg, "The one where Aziraphale is a 1930s Chicago mobster") and I'll write you a snippet from it.

Fandoms: SGA, Sanctuary, Criminal Minds, Edge Chronicles, Discworld (City Watch), CSI (any), NCIS (either)


Jan. 28th, 2010 07:09 pm
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Chevron con tomorrow!  *bounces up and down*

I've still got to pack and stuff, but decided my time was better spent by making badges for Esvandiary and myself.  And then I thought it would be a good idea to post them here, to facilitate the whole meeting-up-plans.

(Yes, the picture on Esvan's is supposed to be a PuddleJumper.  He asked for it, but hasn't seen it yet.  It looks slightly better in the handdrawn one, but I never pretended to be an artist!)

So I'll be the one wearing the badge with a picture of a tree.  Possibly writing in a pad of file paper.  Or reading a book about evolutionary selection pressures, in the (very) likely event that I don't manage to finish it tonight.

Also, I've discovered Criminal Minds, and am rapidly working my way through the four-and-a-half seasons of it.  Why did it take me this long to start watching it?!

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