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It's [ profile] hc_bingo signup time again! *does a happy little dance*

Although, hc_bingo is also the thing I'm totally the most embarrassed about having on LJ for my non-fandom friends to see. Like, "heeeey guys, I like you lots and I want you to think I'm cool, please don't judge me too much for my weird narrative kinks!"

Anyway. Card.

My card this year is certainly more challenging! )
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Do you like writing and reading female characters? Do you like remixes?

[personal profile] theladyscribe and [personal profile] tielan are gauging interest in a remix challenge focusing on female characters! Since this is obviously a great idea, if you think you might like to participate then go and let them know over here. (No commitment required at this stage.)

(Also, from the post: "It's been brought to my attention that I should mention how alien/trans/non-genderbinary characters will be dealt with. I'm open to discussion on this, but I'd like to be as inclusive as possible. So if your favorite character canonically falls under any of those categories (or another category I have failed to mention), they are included.")

Please also spread the signal-boosting!
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My November has so far been full of writing. I have as yet kept up with doing >1000 words per day, which I'm very pleased about! (I still have some to do before I go to bed -- the fourth trip on the X5 coach in a fortnight produced a "please make this be over" state rather than one conducive to writing.)

Things I am working on:

My nano (which is not being written to the word count standards of NaNoWriMo, nor is yet long enough for me to really call it a novel): 8100 (It is called Artifice and is about a steampunk-ish city on an asteroid, and teenage girls, and metal insects, and dubious fog.)

Hc_bingo: gets its own section )

Also it is not writing but I knitted Eleanor some elbow-length Hufflepuff gloves and I am extremely pleased with how they turned out!
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Because a) I'm a masochist, b) I find writing challenges hard to resist and c) I crumble under peer pressure, I have signed up to [ profile] love_bingo. Because when I'm spending all my spare time with plot bunnies eating my brain, what I obviously need is more of them! (I am doing so much writing at the moment! Actually finishing all the things I'm working on... not quite so much.)

My card )

That is... not as impossible as I was expecting, actually. There are quite a lot of squares which are not too far outside my comfort zone.

(Favourite square: "Feelings". That seems very open to interpretation. Any feelings? Can I just use that for any fic in which a character displays emotions? *gg*)

Prompt me, yes?

*has urge to write grimly subversive fics for at least four squares*
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Fandom_stockings are going up! Mine is here. And I have an entire browser window full of people I want to write things for. I think I'm probably going to use this opportunity to try and write things for people in tiny fandoms I don't usually write in (things like Fallen London, Eternal Lols Law etc). Because, since I'm actively trying to promote Once Upon A Time (In Space)/[community profile] the_mechanisms at the moment Sentient space pirate ships! Fairytale reworkings! Awesome women! All the canon femslash!, I think the least I can do is spread it around.


Unrelated: I also seem to have started making a fanmix entitled "dysfunctional Neal&Peter songs". So far it has "Lost Kitten" by Metric and "Piano Pieces For Adult Beginners" by Woodpigeon. I blame several people. (Most of them are me.)

This is apparently also the week in which I fail at getting to bed at sensible times...
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Apparently I haven't posted any fic for nearly a month, unless you count the prompt drabbles. Not sure how that happened — no, actually, it's because I'm really bad at finishing fics without getting distracted by new!shiny!plot! at the moment. I started this one in April. *cries*

Title: Lost Your Way
Characters/Pairing: El, Neal, Peter; Gen with canon E/P
Genre/Rating: H/C
Word count: 2200
Warnings: None
Notes: My entry for the challenge at [ profile] whitecollarhc. I'm more-or-less on time for once! This is also filling a prompt from [ profile] kriadydragon on [ profile] collarcorner.
Unbeta'd because I have no time management skills.

Summary: Elizabeth was supposed to be having a quiet evening in.

When the doorbell rang at half past seven in the evening, Elizabeth didn't know who to expect )

- - -
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Title: Undertow
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Mozzie, Peter; Gen
Genre/Rating: Hurt/comfort; PG-13
Word count: 10,700
Warnings: Violence, some torture (mostly implied).
Spoilers: Up to the end of S3
Notes: For the [ profile] 10tropes challenge, for the trope I Can Still Fight.
Thank you very much to [ profile] sholio for the excellent beta! Also [ profile] helle_d for encouraging me to write this, and reading parts of the draft.

Summary: Set post-finale. Neal's drifting, but Mozzie's found an opportunity to take advantage of, one that on the surface doesn't look too risky. Of course, appearances can be deceiving.

Mozzie was practically bouncing up and down with excitement. )

- o -
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Title: Hold On Hope
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Diana; Gen
Genre/Rating: Angst, hurt/comfort; PG-13
Word count: 3000
Warnings: None
Notes: For the [ profile] 10tropes challenge, for the trope Getting Hot In Here. Slightly loosely.
Beta'd very kindly by [ profile] helle_d.

Summary: The metal and earth dampened any noises above them to nothing.

Afterimages lingered after the metal lid slammed shut, plunging them into darkness. )

- o -
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I don't quite know what this fic is...

Title: Spinning Out
Characters/Pairing: Neal, canon Peter/Elizabeth; Gen/Pre-OT3
Genre/Rating: Hurt/comfort, angst; PG-13
Word count: 2600
Warnings: Descriptions of anxiety
Notes: I wrote this as gen… but reading back it does seem a bit shippy. So I've tagged it as pre-OT3 too, and you can take it whichever way you prefer.
Written for [ profile] 10tropes, for the prompt/trope Intoxication ensues.

Summary: Peter may be less than impressed at Neal taking risks on operations, but that doesn't mean he's not going to be there through the aftermath.

There was a point, just after Neal realised that the operation might be getting out of contol, when he might have been able to call the whole thing off. )

- o -
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I've signed up to a thing! You pick ten tropes from a list and write a fic for each of them. Heard about it from [ profile] soteriophobe and realised that what I totally need is more ways to procrastinate. Although I can justify this in that writing fic keeps me sane. Well, saner.

Choose from a giant list of TV, movie, book and fanfic tropes.
Choose ten tropes. Write ten fics.
[community profile] 10tropes

My tropes (which do not link to because I'm nice!):

TAKING YOU WITH ME's complete coincidence how most of them can be used in hurt/comfort scenarios. Honestly.
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I've been reminded that I still have my completely neglected [ profile] hc_bingo card. Since it was [ profile] friendshipper's post which reminded me, I've shamelessly gone ahead and copied her way of marking the squares in order of preference.

Read more... )
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Hello, I've decided it's about time I stopped lurking and started posting again. I've been actually doing things with my life, which has come as a surprise to me. Basically, I've decided that I want to be a primary school teacher, which will be another year of study after my degree has finished, and I'm really hoping I can do the course at Oxford Brookes, because then I can still live in Oxford, which is something I really want to do. I came to this conclusion after starting volunteering at the local primary school two days a week, which is one of the main reasons why I haven't been posting much! It's amazing and awesome and I love working with the yr 1 kids (ages 5 and 6), but it is tiring like you wouldn't believe, and completely wipes me out for at least a day afterwards. But I'm outside! Doing useful things! I'm pretty proud of myself.

I need to write some stuff about the Hay Festival which I went to last weekend, that might get done later today.

I've signed up to hc_bingo. Don't ask me why I keep signing up for challenges since I never seem to complete them. I basically have no sense, but you all knew that already. My card is below the cut. It's got lots of squares which I'd like to do, but they don't line up properly. I'd rather like to move them around a bit to get the lines I want, but that's probably not allowed!
My hc_bingo card )
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Author:  [ profile] frith_in_thorns 
Recipient:   For [ profile] dakfinv as an incredibly late entry to the [ profile] 221b_slash_fest  Christmas fic exchange
Pairing:   Sherlock/John
Rating:  15
Genre:  Angst, h/c
Summary:   Sherlock tries to keep John hanging on, which is difficult under the circumstances.
Word count:  900
Warnings:  PTSD

Note:  I am really sorry that this is so incredibly late. Um, happy February?

"John," says Sherlock. "This is really not the time." )
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I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, for the first time, thanks to the encouragement of some of my friends. I'll be doing it as a 'rebel', though, where the goal is to write, rather than a 50,000 word story, 50,000 words of anything. Here is my profile.

Or, in other words, this is where I offload all the fannish commitments I can, since definite daily word count + deadlines = many stories produced! (Hopefully.) So, these are what I'm planning so far:

[ profile] sga_santa 
Got my assignment - it's a nice one. No ideas as of yet, but hopefully at least one will show up! Min 1000 words.

[ profile] holmestice 
Got my assignment - it consists of pretty much a pairing only, which I guess gives me free rein to write anything I want as a plotline? Min 1000 words.

[ profile] polyship 
I'm still filling out my sign-up form, no idea what I'll be asked to write. Min 500 words, max 3,500.

[ profile] apocabigbang probably a bad idea, but, but, apocalypse fic! It's so hard to resist! And it's a pretty short Big Bang, at min 10,000 words. I haven't signed up to it yet, but I'm quite likely to. I just need to pick a fandom. I'm stuck between Sherlock and Sanctuary. SGA could be interesting. Some part of me wants to do AtLA, but it would feel just too cruel!
Also it has pretty banners.

Anything else I should be doing? *gg*
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I've just found out that I'd messed up my settings on AO3, and haven't been getting any notification emails. And therefore haven't been replying to comments on my ficathon entry, since I didn't realise I had any.  Argh. Sorry about that. (I had also managed to mark it as a WIP - I failed so much when I posted that, it seems!)

Also I have a very nice glass lamp which I was packing to take back to Oxford when I knocked it over. Now there are bits of glass all over my floor and my lamp is irreversibly damaged and ARGH.
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--  Someone I know from the CSI:NY fandom came to stay with me over the weekend, which was very nice, since my parents are on holiday so I've got the house to myself (with my sister in occasionally, but she's usually out). I had fun showing her some of Herefordshire, and we took part in the Malverns By Moonlight walk for Macmillian - there were several hundred women walking along Malvern ridge in the dark, and it was really cool to be part of that. I can't remember the distance in miles, but it took us about two and a half hours. We didn't bring torches because I couldn't find them, but other people had them around us, and there was also an incredibly bright full moon.

--  I aquired and watched the pilot episode for Sherlock. It was pretty interesting just for seeing the difference between a pilot and a finished product - even little things like music which you don't often notice, but makes a startling difference when there's only some very generic bits to highlight especially dramatic scenes. Sally was better in the show (and Anthea wasn't in the pilot at all), so maybe they'll contine with the upward trend in the next season. Interestingly the case was solved by Sherlock much faster, right when he's first making his "who hunts in the middle of a crowd?" speech - but of course that cut loads of the drama (although I think most of the audience guessed then too). They also cut out a bucketful of Sherlock h/c from the script, sadly.

--  I've heard some things about Bones. I'm very glad I stopped watching it last season. Same with House, and CSI:NY. The last, especially. You fire your leading lady during the break for not sitting back and taking a pay cut while none of the men were being asked to, and then don't even give her a goodbye episode, or any real mention at all? Really, CBS???

--  (**CSI spoiler**)  Why is it that leading characters on US television seem to be mortally afraid of taking painkillers even when, say, they're in the hospital having lost a kidney after being stabbed repeatedly by a psychopath using a pair of broken glasses??? I know Drugs Are Bad, yadda yadda, but so is pain imho.

--  I'm trying to decide whether and how many Christmas fic exchanges to sign up to. Since at the moment I seem incapable of writing unless I have either/or a very strict prompt or a very strict deadline, it seems to me to be a good idea (I'm looking at [ profile] sga_santa , [ profile] holmestice , and yuletide). So I should think about what to put in the forms, which always confuses me. I mean, in eg SGA I'll pretty much write any pairing, but my pairing-fic always seems to end up as Gen-With-Cuddles (and h/c if I'm allowed). So I feel that I can't offer to write pairings because people then probably want some relationships in which the characters don't basically act as if they're asexual. I'm just not at all sure how I would go about writing 'normal' relationships - I'm wary of writing characters feeling certain ways when I'm only guessing based on other stories I've read or something. Or maybe I need a firm kick to get me out of my comfort zone. I need to think about this.

--  Stargate Universe starts again tomorrow! Many of you may not be, but I at least am very much looking forward to it :P Bets being taken now on who's dead...
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I signed up for [ profile] hc_bingo (which is like [ profile] cliche_bingo , except that all of the cliches are hc ones!).  I have no willpower.  And there's something strangely attractive about just getting to write really gratuitous hc ficlets (min. word count is 500), so I shall probably be spamming my flist with them and making the characters excessivly woobified.  Because it's FUN.

I blame[ profile] friendshipper. Anyway, here's my table: )
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Guys.  Guys.  I have OVER 9000 words of my big bang story written now!

...yeah, I'm so mature.  What, you'd noticed?

In other news, I have done nothing produtive in the last 24 hours since I started playing Dragon Age, which was a really stupid thing to do during Trinity term, but it's an awesome game.  I still prefer FPSs, but RPGs are growing on me.  I do wish I could isolate 'real life' feelings and 'game feelings' though - I feel ridiculously guilty at the idea of not giving the politist answer possible in all circumstances, and for asking for rewards for doing side-quests.  Also I *really* want Morrigan to like me, 'cos she's awesome, but she doesn't like it when I'm nice to people and do aforesaid ridiculous side-quests like getting a child out of a hiding place or whatever.  I'm not cool enough for a fictional character.  T_T

ETA:  Also, there is a distinct lack of dragons so far...
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Just got back from Cornwall, where I've been staying with Roz-who-doesn't-go-on-LJ-enough-for-me-to-link-to-her.  Second time I've visited her now, and again I really enjoyed myself.  Proof that you can indeed make 'real' friends online, whatever the disapprovement my grandparents expressed when my mum mentioned this to them!  She also bribed me to write a CSI NY fic again, for the first time in a year.  I'm not sure I'm going back to it, though, since I really am far too fed up with that fandom.  Anyway, we went on as many walks as we could despite the rain, and went round lots of little Cornish villages, where we visited lots of charity and second-hand-book shops, from which both I came away with far more books than I'd intended buying - but books are the one thing I can always justify!

Certain books, anyway.  My sister's just been trying to tell me that Twilight is a really good book, and if I vehmently disagree, that's 'only my opinion', and 'it's just a story'.  Not quite sure how to verbalise my burning disagreement properly, I withdrew.

Much to my surprise, while in Cornwall I actually managed to get my [ profile] sgahcchallenges  story in on time, and also to reply to most comments (about to reply to the rest), although I haven't really used the internet for much else -- I haven't been ignoring everyone who's posted things, honest!  Oh, I also signed up for the [ profile] atlantisbigbang as a writer -- although I have the feeling that I may live to regret this!!  (On this note, [ profile] baby_werewolf , you said you'd sign up as an artist.  You aren't going to disappoint me, are you? ;P)  There're also the [ profile] sticksandsnark  stories for me to read -- this is great!  :D

Oh, there's revision too.  Tomorrow I'll have passed the halfway point through my incredibly long and boring textbook, and then I can feel proud :)
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Title: Bethesda
Author: [ profile] frith_in_thorns 
Recipient: [ profile] linziday 
Prompt: Traumatized Rodney who is either unwilling or unable to admit he's traumatized. At least one member of the team helps him through it.
Word count: 3,500
Notes: Unbeta'd because of my poor organisation.

Written for the Easter fic exchange at [ profile] sgahcchallenges

 Bethesda )

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