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Frith ([personal profile] frith_in_thorns) wrote2017-01-18 11:00 pm

Reading Wednesday

Currently I'm still engaged in my reread of Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series, which I'm pretty sure anyone who's asked me for a book rec in the last year and a half is pretty sick of hearing about. (This is mostly my fault. I take pride in my reputation of being very good at matching people to books they then love, but I'm not great at summarising/describing books -- since I do actually have this reputation, my friends tend to mostly take me on trust and look up the title, rather than emotionally reacting to, It's a ten-book epic fantasy series about BUG PEOPLE, guys, it's SO GOOD!)

(It is SO GOOD.)

Anyway, I started this re-read halfway through December and I'm now 68% of the way through book 9, War Master's Gate since I intercut with other books. I did say to myself going in that I would just skip the chapters I wasn't that interested in experiencing all over again (there is a large cast of protags and I definitely have my favourites), but actually I've been surprised by how little I felt like skipping. It turned out to be the scorpion chapters in book 5 and the Lazlo chapters in books 6 and 8. (Sorry, Lazlo, I didn't realise how much I Don't Care.)

It's really funny how much less stressful these books are on a re-read! They were super stressful to read unspoiled, let me tell you.

Also, book 5 was still my favourite. And Cheerwell Maker is still my favourite character. I think she's on my list of "3 characters you overidentify with" now.
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I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who doesn't care about Lazlo. I sort of felt like I should care - I couldn't figure out why that particular character was leaving me so flat. Like, if you just describe him, he sounds interesting? Except he's really, really not.
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I'm glad you mentioned this series again, because I'm gathering my to-read list and had completely forgotten about it! It sounds really good.